Saturday, 25 May 2013

500 Days of Summer

I have sort of started to go through a phase of buying DVD’s that I never got a chance to see in the cinema, the usual reason for this either being that a: I was not 12 yet, or in the end I chose to see something else. But I am now 14, and the films are now on DVD so I thought why not? Also the films in Tesco that were released a while ago now only cost £3.00!  Today I picked the 2009 film 500 Days of Summer. The film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschannel as two people who are looking for love, (however one a lot more than the other).  In the usual Romantic Comedy plot Thomas looks across a crowded, busy room and sees Summer, immediately he knows that she is “the one”.
I found this film highly entertaining to watch and very amusing throughout. There is the occasional part where you feel sorry for Thomas but then straight after the moment takes place they disperse your brief sadness with even more humour. The way that the film has been written means that for ages you are convinced that Thomas and Summer are perfect for one another and then a spin is put on the story and you realise that they really were never meant to be. In addition to this, as always Zooey Deschannel is brilliant. The music is AMAZING, and some of the greatest songs ever by some of the greatest bands are played keeping up the upbeat spirits of the films plot. By saying this sentence I do mean “There is a Light that never goes Out” by the Smiths, as mentioned to me by Ruby from Feed Me Books Now!!! – One of the many things that prompted me to purchase the film. So thank you Ruby. Star Rating: 4/5  

Holly x

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