Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Finishing Deathly Hallows

I began reading the Harry Potter books in October 2011 after being obsessed with the series for around three months. I bought the first two because although I'd been told my Mum would get me them for Christmas I couldn't wait that long. I guess because it has taken me nearly two years to read these books I have got perhaps too used to the idea of reading a Harry Potter. After finally completing Deathly Hallows I can say that it definitely did live up to the hype and I loved every moment of it. Normally I book this big wouldn't have taken me so long, Order of the Phoenix only took me three months and that was even longer but as a few of you know when I started reading this I was going through a rough time and was just trying to fit in at my new school whilst severing ties with people from my old school. I have said this before about another book - The Fault in Our Stars but I seriously don't have enough praise for the final installment in this phenomenal series. 

What I am trying to say, and back onto the main point is that for me and for other Potterheads, even when all the books have been published and the films have been released  it will never truly be over, because we love it and we always will. Harry Potter has opened up my world so much more and made me aware of so many things that I didn't know about before and perhaps one day, I'll read these books to my children. But right now as much as I know why I feel rather alone and quite frankly empty without Harry Potter, I can't understand why I have loads of books that I haven't read but every time I pick one up and start to read it, it doesn't feel right and I put it back down. Tonight when I get into bed and begin to read before I go to sleep, I have chosen to start Paper Towns by John Green, and I have wanted to read this for ages but it won't feel right, because it is not Harry Potter. What I am trying to say is, I think I will always be obsessed with Harry Potter and nothing will ever change that.

I have two updates as well: Firstly, in the next few weeks I am going to do another review of this book now that I have finished it. Secondly, I mentioned that I would be uploading my first video blog in the next few days, that will only be the case though if my new blackberry (which I am still trying to work out how to use) will let me upload the video and so far it hasn't. Also it was filmed a week ago, and some things have changed since then but. Yep. Expect that soon. Oh and also check out Charli from To Another World's blog - there is a giveaway going on!

Holly x

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