Thursday, 1 August 2013

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

So this post is basically covering day 2 of my holiday to London. I am now on my... sixth day here but I have decided that I will only write about day 1 & 2 as they were by far the best days. I didn't really sleep much on Saturday night knowing that on Sunday I would be going to Warner Bros. Studio Tour, excitement kind of took over. We actually arrived an hour and a half earlier than our time slot was and so I spent the majority of that time in the shop which, for any Harry Potter fan who hasn't been yet will blow your mind. The first thing that you see on the tour is the Great Hall, containing most of the costumes of the professors and some school uniforms from all three houses. Following on from this the tour really began and you were allowed to just wander freely. As I had already visited in August of last year I decided to focus on the bits that I hadn't really looked at e.g. the Ministry of Magic, Malfoy Manor and the costumes. 
This is the entrance to the Great Hall and the guy that you can see was a tour guide who looked EXACTLY like Daniel Radcliffe. The studio is split into two stages - J and K as well as there being a garden area at the back where things like 4, Privet Drive, the Giant Chess pieces and vehicles like the Knight Bus are you can also try Butterbeer which actually has a very strong taste of vanilla but sadly costs £3.00 per cup. After that we went on through to K stage which is filled with art work, masks and the creatures from the films as well as Diagon Alley (which is incredible) and a large model of Hogwarts which was used in all but the first two films. Overall it was a brilliant day and I will definitely be going back next summer if possible.

Happy August!
Holly x

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