Sunday, 1 September 2013

An Amazing August

Did you see what I've done - Alliteration. August was a really good month, and not just because of the fact that it was an entire month off school, but because of some of the great things I did. It was by far the best month of this year so far and I thought I would share it with you.

Thursday 1st/Friday 2nd

When the first day of August came around I was still on holiday in London after arriving there on the 27th of July and visiting Warner Bros. Studio tour London - again. I had a great time and I really love it there. My family can't see why but I love the business of the city. It was some of the best weather that we had in the UK in those few days and so it was great to spend that time in the Capital.

                                                       Tuesday 6th
My brother Alex and I go on separate holidays, because of the fact that we can never agree on a place to go to. So when Monday came around he and my Mum went to York for 3 days meaning I had to stay with my Grandma and Aunt. My Aunt and I went to Manchester on the Tuesday and because we both like music we spent a great time in HMV. A lot of CD's were on offer and I couldn't decide what to get. Eventually I got Imagine Dragons' CD and an "I love London" vinyl sticker for my bedroom.

                                                      Wednesday 7th
Nothing much actually happened on this day but it is because of another blog(s) that I am fitting this in. I took part in Cat and Charli's Summer Reading Smackdown challenge and I was one of the two people that actually conquered it. So this was the day that I read Entangled by Cat Clarke in one day. That's right, it was that good :)

                                                     Wednesday 14th
Today was by far one of the best days of August as I met up with my friend Gabrielle from my old school and we hadn't seen each other since January. Gabby is the only one of my friends that knows about this blog and it was great to talk to her after such along time of talking over Facebook. And, when we went into Gregg's I turned to get a drink whilst she was paying and spotted my name on a coke bottle! I was so pleased as I had been looking ever since the share a coke bottle's were introduced.

                                               Saturday 24th/Sunday 25th 
My bike had broken a while ago and so on the Saturday after I had gone out and finally purchased Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. On Sunday after waiting for what seemed like forever I actually got to go on my bike down the canal which is across the road from us (past the graveyard). It was a really warm and sunny day and so I took the top right hand picture. Oh and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was on television!

                                                        Friday 30th 
This was mentioned in my last blog post but I got my first letter from my pen pal Laura in Austria. As well as her letter she also sent me a photograph of herself, a postcard of Wels - the city she lives in and a bracelet that is supposed to protect you. It was really sweet and I am going to send her letter off as soon as possible. You can read that post HERE!

I hope everyone else had a great August and here is to what will hopefully be a good September :)

Holly x
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