Monday, 9 September 2013

Cover Reveal: Split Second

Yesterday (or the day before that - I've scheduled this post) I was in Waterstones like I am almost every Saturday and something caught my eye. Sophie McKenzie's latest book entitled Split Second which was released this week... I think. Sophie McKenzie is someone that I only discovered last year when I was looking for a Christmas present for someone who at the time was a really good time. Louise was a big fan of her books and had read most of them except for the final one in the Girl Missing Series - Missing Me. I saw a signed copy of this in my local Waterstones and bought it for her (long story short, she was really pleased). Before I was able to give it to her, I was very ill and was off school for a month and so therefore missed exchanging presents with her, and so I read the book myself. Although I hadn't read the previous two in the series, I fell in love with it. After giving Louise her copy I bought one myself and the first book in the series.

The cover of Split Second is just... in someways, beautiful and thrilling as well. Using black, white, grey and yellow makes the cover so unique and I love how the cover designer has made McKenzie's name stand out so that you know that it's by her. The black and white photo, although clearly representing the girl staring at something, by the looks of it maybe in shock it looks so elegant and different from any other book. If you are able to read the much smaller writing, it reads "LIFE CAN CHANGE IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE." Maybe that is one of the reasons that on the photograph there is such a clear shot of the girls eye as she glares into the darkness around her. I am not a fan of many of McKenzie's book covers, but this is simplistic and eye-catching in the middle of a very colourful shelf in a bookshop. Even using black when so many spines of books are bright and bold, makes you notice it and want to pick it up. Overall I think it's a brilliant cover for what appears to be a brilliant book.

Charlie meets Nat following a terrorist attack in the city and starts to believe he's hiding information about the explosion. Can she uncover the truth of who he is? The story unfolds through chapters told alternately by Charlie and Nat, as they get to know each other and uncover secrets and corruption that stretch to the very highest levels of society, and which put them in increasing danger.

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