Saturday, 14 September 2013

JKR's Announcement

It was revealed yesterday that J.K Rowling is going to write the screenplay to her book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Upon finding out about this news, I was thrilled and I am guessing that the majority of other Harry Potter fans are too although the truth is that in spite of being in the wizarding world, it won't be based around the time of Harry, Ron and Hermione. Many people have already made predictions as too what the film will be like, and here are some of them:

Setting: J.K Rowling stated in her announcement yesterday that the film will take place in New York City. Although I am slightly disappointed that it isn't going to be set in Great Britain, at the same time I'm really curious to find out more about this. As it currently stands we haven't had an insight into American Wizardry so this is definitely going to be interesting twist. It is also expected to take place in the 1920's. I love the somewhat glamour and excitement of the golden twenties and so that combined with magic is going to be perfect.

Newt Scammander: Anyone who has read the book will know that Newt Scammander is supposed to be the author of the fictional factual tale. J.K Rowling liked his character so much that she had his grandson, Rolf marry one of her favourite characters from the series - Luna Lovegood. Maybe if there is a flash forward to the present day that could perhaps feature Luna and Rolf. It's unlikely but it's always a possibility. One other key thing surrounding the background of Newt Scammander is that he was a Head Master of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - in between Phineas Nigellus Black and Armando Dippet which happens to be around the 1920's so Hogwarts could possibly be featured once again.

Other things: It is likely that the film will finally feature Nicholas Flamel and his wife, and maybe even Dumbledore as he would have been working at Hogwarts at this time. Also even though we did see many mythical creatures come to life from the pages of the books into the Harry Potter franchise, we will get to see even more. 
I know it is going to be perhaps a couple of years before this book does come to the screen but at least it is something incredible to look forward too.

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