Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Queue 4th Year

So today was the first day of my fourth year at High School. Year 10 and 11 are the most crucial years at high school because in England, Ireland and Wales we do GCSE's  which basically are the only way to get into good sixth form colleges and universities so I've been really nervous about this time arriving. Now that its here, I don't really know how I feel. Here is how it works at my school:
Some subjects are compulsory: English (language and literature), Maths (& Statistics , Additional Science. One language - mine is Spanish

Have to be taught but don't require GCSE in: Citizenship (PSHE) Religious Studies, PE.
Optional Subjects: Everything else is optional but you only get 3 options.
My options: Art, History and Music.
G&T: If you're in the Gifted and Talented group (like me), you have the option to do either Italian, or an analytic project of your own choice so I've chosen to do the project.

Then comes the complicated bit - the timetable:
English & Maths: 4 times a week
Science: 5 times a week
PE: 3 times a fortnight
RE: Once a fortnight
Spanish: 5 times a fortnight
The project: Haven't found out when that will be yet.
Art, History and Music: 5 times a fortnight.
Where things are stated as ** times a fortnight, it is because we have week A & B.

Today I only had two lessons: English and Art which are two of my favourite subjects and now I have my timetable, I am kind of nervous as to how things will pan out, but I am excited too, because I got to see my friends for the first time in six weeks and I know I want to do well.

Holly x

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