Friday, 6 September 2013

The Movie Tag

1- Favourite movie of all time?
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. When I saw it at the cinema, I fell in love with it, and it is just a 
perfectly beautiful and incredible end to an unforgettable story. This is the film that made me obsessed with Harry Potter.

2- Favourite scenes from that movie?
I have three. The  Princes Tale - because that changed my opinion of Snape. Ron and Hermione's kiss because it was perfect and something I was so pleased to see. And finally the Nineteen Years Later Scene - just... because.

3- Favourite actors /actresses?
Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Bonnie Wright, Zooey Deschannel, Johnny Depp.

4- Most annoying actor/actress?
Kristen Stewart - a) SHE WAS IN TWILIGHT b) She shows no emotion whatsoever.

5- Best director?
David Yates, for the final four Harry Potter films and Richard Curtis because he did Love Actually. 

6- Favourite guilty pleasure film?
Love Actually, it cheers me up when I don't feel great.

7- Favourite tear jerker?
The Perks of Being A Wallflower. I didn't actually cry but I admit it was pretty sad. Now is Good too, that is the first film that I ever cried at, and the truth is, I was sobbing by the end of it.8- Character from a movie that scared you the most? 
Cruella De Ville (or at least that's how I think you spell it). When I was little, she creeped the hell out of me. 

9- Movie you love everyone hates?
I wouldn't say that I loved it, but the 2010 Alice in Wonderland directed by Tim Burton it was just rather entertaining the first few viewings.10- Movie you hate everyone loves?
Les Miserables. I was lucky to be sitting next to a wall because whilst everyone else in the cinema was crying I found myself laughing for some reason. Yes, that's right, I laughed at Les Miserables. It was just... terrible.

11- Favourite movie duo?
Cheaper by the Dozen and Cheaper by the Dozen 2 - don't know why.
12- Favourite animated movie?
Any Disney film - within reason. Or Ice Age (the first one)

13- Actor/actress crush?

14- Favourite movie villain?
Draco Malfoy.

15- What movie surprised you the most?
The Perks of Being a Wallflower - I only went to see it because Emma Watson was in it but it became one of my favourite films.

16- If you could only keep one movie what would it be?
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

17- Movie recommendation and for whom?
Matilda - for any Roald Dahl fans or anyone even.
18- If you could go back in time and marry actor/actress from back when (now old) who would it be?
I don't even want to go there. No, I'm not even going to try to board that train of thought.

19- One remake you wish had never been made?
Dark Shadows, - this really isn't my place to say it given that I've only seen the most recent version, but they've remade it FAR too many times.

20- About to die but could only watch one more movie what would it be?
No Surprise - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

21- Favourite movie genre/favourite movie from that genre?
RomCom - 500 Days of Summer/ Love Actually Fantasty - Harry Potter
22- What's the first movie you remember watching in theatres
Piglets Big Movie at age 3.

Holly x

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