Saturday, 19 October 2013

Interview with Erika

Erika (Blogger)
Today I would like to welcome Erika who is also a book blogger to A DayDreamer's Thoughts. Erika blogs at The Red Bookmark and in an interview exchange she answered some questions that I asked her:

1) Why did you start blogging?
First of all, thanks for having me Holly! I actually started blogging when I was 7 or 8 years old and that didn't really work out. It was all very random and I never actually knew what to blog about. Around the same time I started wanting to blog ‘properly’,  I found out what a book blog was and I was really excited looking around. I decided to make my own!

2) Why The Red Bookmark?
You mean why the name? Well, if that’s the case, if you read The Red Bookmark, ‘red’ sounds like I ‘read’ something yesterday. At the time when I was actually creating the blog, I was brainstorming and looking at other blog names for inspiration. I just randomly thought of the name!

3)  What is your favourite book?
Ouch! This is going to be hard! I really want to choose Amber by Julie Sykes. But I love the Geek Girl series.

4) What is the worst book you reviewed and why?
I don’t think I've ever actually given a book 1/5. The lowest I've ever given was 2/5 and that was for Soul Shadows by Alex Woolf. I didn't find it very captivating.

5)  Did you always intend on vlogging as well?
Not in the beginning, no. I started vlogging to see how it’ll work out in the beginning but I found it very hard to edit, produce, film the video and I found it much easier to write it all down. I plan on vlogging again sometime soon though.

6) If you could be any famous person dead or alive, who would you be?
I don’t know how to answer this question... Ermmm..

7) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I. DO. NOT. KNOW. I would love to live in a really exotic place. But I’m not sure where exactly ;)

8) In your opinion, is there a downside to blogging?
I don’t think so. I mean, maybe it’s because it takes up a lot of time.

9) Who are your favourite bloggers?
I'm going to feel awful if I forgot anyone here. But here it goes!
- It Was Lovely Reading You (
- Introducing Sophie (
- Books For Birds (
- A Sunny Spot Blog (
- And yours!

10) What advice do you have to new bloggers?
I’m a pretty new blogger as well! So, I don’t know much about it! But, I’ll give it my best shot. I would say, during the first few months, don’t worry about stats or how many page views you get. Use your energy to really write properly not just for the sake of ‘you-need-to-write-another-post-today’. Also, get social media such as Facebook and Twitter. It brings lots of new visitors to your blog!

Thank you Erika, for your great answers! I had never interviewed another blogger before and so was very nervous about doing so but it turned out great. Remember to follow Erika on Twitter and check out The Red Bookmark. Hopefully my interview on her blog will be up soon.

Holly x

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