Monday, 28 October 2013

TFIOS Signed Copy!

Firstly, I do think that I need to explain this title. I FOUND A SIGNED COPY OF THE FAULT IN OUR STARS! On my way to school go down Deansgate which is the road that goes straight through central Manchester. On Deansgate there is a very large Waterstones and in the window last week I kept seeing a red version of The Fault in Our Stars. So when I went out on Saturday, I went into another Waterstones closer to home to see if it was true. Turns out there were red copies of TFiOS but they were limited edition hardbacks that were signed!

I actually already own a copy of TFiOS but when I saw this I knew it wasn't something that you come across every day.When I had gone in the shop I had had no intention of spending any money and so didn't know whether to buy it or not. Then I was enlisted with the help of Charli from To Another World, Lisa Forester who is the author of upcoming book Freaks, and Fionnuala from Books For Birds and also my friend Gabrielle - who all insisted that I bought it and so I did and I am really glad that I've done so. I remember seeing Cat's post from when she pre -ordered a signed copy and I sort of felt quite jealous, but now I feel really proud to say that I own one of John Green's signatures. It isn't exactly something you come across everyday and so I'm very pleased that with the help of some really great people, I made the decision to buy it.

Charli - To Another World
Lisa - Lisa M Forester
Fionnuala - Books For Birds
Gabrielle - DMA Radio (please follow her radio station on Spreaker!)

Holly x

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