Saturday, 30 November 2013

Starter For Ten by David Nicholls

Starter For TenThe year is 1985. Brian Jackson, a working-class kid on full scholarship, has started his first term at university. He has a dark secret—a long-held, burning ambition to appear on the wildly popular British TV quiz show University Challenge—and now, finally, it seems the dream is about to become reality. He's made the school team, and they've completed the qualifying rounds and are limbering up for their first televised match. (And, what's more, he's fallen head over heels for one of his teammates, the beautiful, brainy, and intimidatingly posh Alice Harbinson.) Life seems perfect and triumph inevitable—but as his world opens up, Brian learns that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

This was a tricky one. I have been a fan of University Challenge since I was six years old. Each Monday night, I would sit in front of the television and watch the programme, I loved it and I think that is why I thought I would love this book, but obviously not. This book changed in context and tone throughout and as that happened, I feel that I lost any connection I had with Brian. Brian is a very intelligent young man, but he isn't that great when it comes to making friends and I really related to that. A book lover, nerd and somebody who is seriously socially awkward. I don't think that Brian's character developed as so much as that thing inside his head that made him incredibly likeable ceased to exist by the final chapters. He became quite arrogant, confused and bent to public opinion, something he had in some ways vowed to never do.

The description in this book, overall wasn't that great, however the plot was skillfully wrote and as much as I really wanted to put this down Nicholls wrote it in such a way that you need to continue until the end. Additionally, I feel 469 pages is quite a lot considering how vague this novel actually was. Several scenes were loosely described, so little that at times it was actually very unclear what was going on. The same happened with characters, in the sense that they were so formless that they had no distinct mannerisms or personalities that set them aside from everybody else.

In conclusion, this was very witty and amusing throughout, but became gradually less and less and that could have easily been sustained to the end of the novel. I enjoyed reading the majority of this but if I'm completely honest I think it could have been so, so much better than the final piece. 

I'd write some more but I don't really feel up to it. We were given an extra day off school and yet I've ended up with food poisoning.

Holly x

Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Book Blogger TMI Tag

This tag was created by the lovely Amber from The Mile Long Bookshelf and I decided to give it a go...

How old are you? 14 but it's exactly I month until I'm 15!
What book are you reading? Divergent by Veronica Roth and Starter For Ten by David Nicholls.

What are you wearing? Navy GAP Hoodie, leggings, slipper socks and a multicoloured scarf that seems to go with everything.

OTP? Romione - Ron and Hermione

Blogger or Wordpress? Blogger

Going outside being active or staying in and reading a book? Staying in and reading a book. To quote Snape - Obviously...

What is the last book you read? Earthbound by Aprilynne Pike (before what I'm reading now)

What is the book you're going to read next? Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell or Paper Towns by John Green

eBooks - yes or no? I'd rather not but I have downloaded some ebooks onto my Laptop to review as the books weren't in actual print yet.

Where do you prefer to read? Sat on top of my bed, leaning against the wall or on the sofa. I will happily read in most places. 

Who is the last person you tweeted? Charli saying I liked her answers.

Who's blog did you look at last? Charli's from To Another World to copy the questions.

Who is your favourite blogger? Book Blogger: Amber, Charli, Ruby Lifestyle Blogger: Cat, Nora, Jean

Who is your favourite booktuber? Amber she is one of my best blogging friends and is AMAZING!

What do you do when someone tells you reading is boring? I need to sit down and I verbally slap them.

Who is the last author you spoke to? Siobhan Curham about Finding Your Inner Cherokee.

Who is the last person you texted? My Auntie, she is my best friend. I was asking her what she thought of Doctor Who last night.
Who is your all-time favourite book character? Hermione Granger because I've always been told I'm very similar to her.

What is your preferred drink whilst reading? I don't drink whilst reading. 

If you hated reading, what would you be doing instead? I'd be a typical teenage girl but I'd have a life and I don't want one.
How many bookshelves/bookcases do you have? One bookcase, three shelves. They used to be desks in a science classroom so are very strong and deep as well. Not filled the first one yet.

If you had the choice to meet all of your favourite book bloggers or all of your favourite authors, which would you pick? You can only pick one. That's bloody difficult. I think I'd get really nervous around my favourite authors so it would have to be my favourite book bloggers as I'd love to meet people like Charli and Amber!
Insta-love- yes or no? *Goes to Google to search this* No. Ron and Hermione wasn't instant - that took 7 years. Hazel and Augustus weren't instant. Sooooo no.

Favourite author? J.K. Rowling. 
What is the number-one book on your wishlist? Hmm... Allegiant by Veronica Roth (I know my Mum has bought me Insurgent for Christmas) or Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Do you prefer books with female or male protagonists?  Female. As much I love Harry Potter - that was told in third person by a female author. I find it quite difficult to read from male POV's and I can relate to female characters.
Which is your favourite book-to-film adaption? Harry Potter obviously. I'm really excited about The Fault in Our Stars though.

What is the last song you listened to? Tongue Tied by GroupLove
Which do you enjoy reading more - negative reviews or positive reviews? Positive because that normally gives me the push I need to read a book I'm decisive about.
Who are you going to tag? ANYONE WHO WANT'S TO DO THIS!

Holly x

Friday, 22 November 2013

The GIF Tag

I was tagged in this by Erika from The Red Bookmark, this is meant to show what people do in different book related situations.

When you meet someone who likes reading...

When you meet someone who hates reading...

When you meet someone who reads...

When you meet someone who doesn't read...

When you meet someone who "ships" the same characters as you...

Reading the last book in the series...

Finishing the last book in a series...


Book to Film Adaptations...

Book Hangover...

A character you love survives...

When an author kills off a favourite character...

Seeing a book you want in someone else's hands...

In a book shop...

Not enough money for books...

Finding out an author you love is writing a new book...

Thank you very much to Erika for tagging me in this. I had such fun taking part :)

I tag...
Milly from Miyyi
Charli from To Another World

Holly x

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Film Review: The Great Gatsby

After what seems like an eternity of waiting, I finally own the DVD of The Great Gatsby and have watched it for the first time and bloody hell it was good. So here is what I thought of it.

I haven't read the book yet - I've requested it as a Christmas present - but I have been desperate to see this for such a long time. I absolutely adore everything about the twenties - the music, the clothing, the lifestyle... everything and this just reflects that decade (before the depression and Wall Street Crash) perfectly.  The film takes a good ten minutes to get into before you feel properly engaged in it but the plot is so incredible. 

The film begins with Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) moving into a very quiet, small and homely house next to a man named Jay Gatsby. Gatsby hosts lavish parties every weekend in the hope that his long lost love - Daisy Buchanan - Nick's cousin will turn up one day. Only trouble is that nobody really knows who Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) is, not many people have met him in person, they just turn up to the open doors of the party and have fun. Many rumors surround Gatsby, but until the very end in Nick and Gatsby's last meeting, even though before that Nick has been told by Gatsby of "the truth" who he really is and what he is really after. The characters in this film were made to be incredibly likeable, even if idiotic and naive (Daisy) and the ones that you were supposed to hate (Tom), you purely despised. 

Additionally, the costumes were phenomenal and it really seemed as if you had stepped out of the Tardis and into the Golden Twenties of New York City and Long Island. The set's were stunning, Gatby's castle was beautifully created and the music was beyond words. What was spectacular about it was that they had modern day songs and had put a twenties spin on them e.g. - Bang, Florence and the Machine, Lana Del Ray and Emeli Sande - Crazy in Love (originally by Beyonce).

Overall this is a wonderful film with a great cast and director and I definitely recommend  that you watch it. I give it 5 stars.

Holly x

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

1st Blogoversary: What Next?

This is my final post in my little blogoversary celebrations and although it sounds a little typical of something to do in a situation like this but I'd like to write about the future and what will hopefully be next for this little blog.

More Reviews - This will be books, films and music but the majority will be YA Fiction. As I am gradually trying to turn this more and more into a book blog these reviews will hopefully be on the rise.

Giveaways - This is something that I have never done before and I'm still not quite sure of how to go about it (any ideas?) but I would really like to do one of these as there is a book on my desk that I have essentially for this purpose.

Blogging Friends - Ideally, although I would like to get to know more bloggers, I would rather strengthen any friendships I have with any before I do that and hopefully get to know them better, so I'm going to try my best to comment more on peoples blogs. That includes you; Amber, Ruby and Charli!

Memes - Again, I have never done one of these before and so I would like to branch out and get more involved with other book bloggers and maybe this would help. Also it would encourage me to read more of a variety of books.

Writing - I miiiight share some of my writing, but that isn't a promise - it's close to one though.


I also want to say thank you once again, to everyone who has been so lovely over the past four days and for a brilliant blogoversary, although day two and three were essentially dead I really appreciate all of the comments on day one. And this may sound really creepy and I don't mean it in that way but I love you all, all my twelve followers on GFC and everyone else who has followed me on Twitter and Bloglovin'. All I have to say for the millionth time is THANK YOU!

I know Ruby used this but I think I need to repeat the message;

Holly x

Monday, 11 November 2013

1st Blogoversary: The First Page

Thank you to everyone who emailed me or wrote a comment regarding yesterdays post - it really reminded me of what great friends I have made through this blog. Today I wanted to tell you the very first chapter of this hopefully long story/journey of blogging that I'm going on. I have wanted to share this for a long time and think that the celebrating one whole year of A DayDreamer's Thoughts is the perfect to do this.

I'm not very sure where I begin but I think I should first go back to June 2012. A lot of this will remind you of yesterdays post as I first discovered blogging in Shout Magazine. They were doing a few months of sections where the editor was trying to inspire people in different ways when thinking of the future. One magazine was based around writing and a page was talking about blogging where they had interviewed a blogger called Cat. She was talking about life as a blogger. I was really intrigued so took a look at her blog and it inspired me to start my own. I called it The Life of a Harry Potter Obsessive - as much as I can talk forever about Harry Potter I realised it was a lot harder than I thought it would be to write about so it was R.I.P. 

In early November I came across the same magazine again, read through the same article and once again was inspired but this time I decided to do it differently. I came up with a whole new blog and called it A DayDreamer's Thoughts - because I am forever day dreaming and at a very difficult time I just wanted somebody to listen to my thoughts and hopefully understand what I was going through. It was only a couple of months later that I discovered that there was such thing as being a "Book Blogger" and many people did this. I realised that that was what I wanted to do so slowly I have included more and more posts about books and less about other stuff (although I do have the occasional moment where I go a little mad) but I think it has turned into a Book/Film/Music blog because those are the areas I have the most knowledge about. 

I've met some incredible people who have been so kind and that like I mentioned yesterday, have become my friends at a time when I literally had none at all. I have friends in real life now but the people here in the blogging world mean a great deal because the reason I started this blog was because I desperately needed someone to talk to and now I'm at the stage where I can tweet someone, I'm friends with a few bloggers on Facebook or via the comment boxes but it feels great to be part of something like this.

So that is the first page of A DayDreamer's Thoughts - I hope that along with me, maybe you will turn over and continue.

Further Blogoversary Celebrations will continue for a couple more days. 
Holly x

Happy Armistice Day. Remember to wear a red poppy.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

1st Blogoversary: Thank You

Today - Sunday 10th November is A DayDreamer's Thoughts' first Blogoversary! It has been a very long year but we got there eventually and so did this blog. So far, I'm really pleased with how my blog has turned out, and how far it has come, and there are a few people I would like to say thank you to.

Cat - Through a Cat's Eyes                                                                                           
I feel that Cat is definitely the first person I need to thank and also the one that I need to say the biggest Thank You to. Through a Cat's Eyes was the first blog I ever read and I've never told her this but her blog was what inspired me to create A DayDreamer's Thoughts. I still think it is an incredible blog and is lovely to read. When I finally got the guts to contact her she was requesting interviews for her blog and so I put my name forward, and for a while that post really boosted my blog's views. Since then, I've been asked to contribute to a post which you can see HERE. I talked to her a bit more after this post about events surrounding it and I feel that that really helped me personally. She is a kind and lovely person and I am so glad that I've got to know her and although these may seem like little things I'm incredibly grateful for what she has done.

Ruby - Feed Me Books Now                                                                                          
As far as I know, Ruby was the first person to ever comment on my blog - it is a tiny thing that means so much. My blog had been up for four months and I had had no comments at all, I kept going but it still didn't make me feel to great and then Ruby came along and commented on my Retro Music post and I was so pleased and still am. 

Jean - Oberjean                                                                                                         
Jean. I can't think of a single bad thing to say to Jean and feel very lucky that I have got to know her. I met Jean in June or July and she has wrote so many lovely comments on my blog since and nominated me for my first Leibster Award! We emailed each other many times in which she has given me a lot of advice about universities and further education etc. She has been wonderful to talk to and it has been great to get to know someone who is a little older than I am. Her blog is so unique and I recommend that you go and read it.

Amber - The Mile Long Bookshelf                                                                                 
Words cannot begin to describe how much help Amber has been and has given me some great advice on blogging when I needed it most. Although I haven't had as much contact with Amber as I've had with some other bloggers Amber unintentionally increased my followers on Twitter and GFC because as soon as she started following me, it felt like many other people did as well. Amber has been such great help and I really appreciate what she has done.

Charli - To Another World and Milly - Miyyi                                                                   
This is a joint one because they are sort of for similar reasons. Charli along with Cat hosted the Summer Reading Smackdown over a week in August and this really encouraged me to read more and got me to do more book reviews like I wished too - she is great to talk to on twitter as well. As for Milly, Milly is one of the first people to tag me in a tag - which feels a lot better than it sounds for someone with a fairly small blog and she has given some great comments before nominating me for my second Leibster Award! Both Charli and Milly are lovely people who've done really well with their blogs.

Rachel - Booktastic Reviews, Fionnuala - Books For Birds and Erika - The Red Bookmark 
Thank you to both of you for letting me do some great guest posts - Rachel (my first one ) and Fionnuala (my most recent) I really enjoyed doing these and am very glad that you asked me to do them. Erika - thank you for interviewing me, it was such fun to answer your questions and it was a pleasure to get to know you better.

I think I have mentioned the people I wanted to, and to any other readers thank you so much for sticking with me over the past year - I really appreciate it and here is to another great year! The Blogoversary Celebrations will continue over a few days but other than that THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Holly x