Sunday, 10 November 2013

1st Blogoversary: Thank You

Today - Sunday 10th November is A DayDreamer's Thoughts' first Blogoversary! It has been a very long year but we got there eventually and so did this blog. So far, I'm really pleased with how my blog has turned out, and how far it has come, and there are a few people I would like to say thank you to.

Cat - Through a Cat's Eyes                                                                                           
I feel that Cat is definitely the first person I need to thank and also the one that I need to say the biggest Thank You to. Through a Cat's Eyes was the first blog I ever read and I've never told her this but her blog was what inspired me to create A DayDreamer's Thoughts. I still think it is an incredible blog and is lovely to read. When I finally got the guts to contact her she was requesting interviews for her blog and so I put my name forward, and for a while that post really boosted my blog's views. Since then, I've been asked to contribute to a post which you can see HERE. I talked to her a bit more after this post about events surrounding it and I feel that that really helped me personally. She is a kind and lovely person and I am so glad that I've got to know her and although these may seem like little things I'm incredibly grateful for what she has done.

Ruby - Feed Me Books Now                                                                                          
As far as I know, Ruby was the first person to ever comment on my blog - it is a tiny thing that means so much. My blog had been up for four months and I had had no comments at all, I kept going but it still didn't make me feel to great and then Ruby came along and commented on my Retro Music post and I was so pleased and still am. 

Jean - Oberjean                                                                                                         
Jean. I can't think of a single bad thing to say to Jean and feel very lucky that I have got to know her. I met Jean in June or July and she has wrote so many lovely comments on my blog since and nominated me for my first Leibster Award! We emailed each other many times in which she has given me a lot of advice about universities and further education etc. She has been wonderful to talk to and it has been great to get to know someone who is a little older than I am. Her blog is so unique and I recommend that you go and read it.

Amber - The Mile Long Bookshelf                                                                                 
Words cannot begin to describe how much help Amber has been and has given me some great advice on blogging when I needed it most. Although I haven't had as much contact with Amber as I've had with some other bloggers Amber unintentionally increased my followers on Twitter and GFC because as soon as she started following me, it felt like many other people did as well. Amber has been such great help and I really appreciate what she has done.

Charli - To Another World and Milly - Miyyi                                                                   
This is a joint one because they are sort of for similar reasons. Charli along with Cat hosted the Summer Reading Smackdown over a week in August and this really encouraged me to read more and got me to do more book reviews like I wished too - she is great to talk to on twitter as well. As for Milly, Milly is one of the first people to tag me in a tag - which feels a lot better than it sounds for someone with a fairly small blog and she has given some great comments before nominating me for my second Leibster Award! Both Charli and Milly are lovely people who've done really well with their blogs.

Rachel - Booktastic Reviews, Fionnuala - Books For Birds and Erika - The Red Bookmark 
Thank you to both of you for letting me do some great guest posts - Rachel (my first one ) and Fionnuala (my most recent) I really enjoyed doing these and am very glad that you asked me to do them. Erika - thank you for interviewing me, it was such fun to answer your questions and it was a pleasure to get to know you better.

I think I have mentioned the people I wanted to, and to any other readers thank you so much for sticking with me over the past year - I really appreciate it and here is to another great year! The Blogoversary Celebrations will continue over a few days but other than that THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Holly x

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