Wednesday, 13 November 2013

1st Blogoversary: What Next?

This is my final post in my little blogoversary celebrations and although it sounds a little typical of something to do in a situation like this but I'd like to write about the future and what will hopefully be next for this little blog.

More Reviews - This will be books, films and music but the majority will be YA Fiction. As I am gradually trying to turn this more and more into a book blog these reviews will hopefully be on the rise.

Giveaways - This is something that I have never done before and I'm still not quite sure of how to go about it (any ideas?) but I would really like to do one of these as there is a book on my desk that I have essentially for this purpose.

Blogging Friends - Ideally, although I would like to get to know more bloggers, I would rather strengthen any friendships I have with any before I do that and hopefully get to know them better, so I'm going to try my best to comment more on peoples blogs. That includes you; Amber, Ruby and Charli!

Memes - Again, I have never done one of these before and so I would like to branch out and get more involved with other book bloggers and maybe this would help. Also it would encourage me to read more of a variety of books.

Writing - I miiiight share some of my writing, but that isn't a promise - it's close to one though.


I also want to say thank you once again, to everyone who has been so lovely over the past four days and for a brilliant blogoversary, although day two and three were essentially dead I really appreciate all of the comments on day one. And this may sound really creepy and I don't mean it in that way but I love you all, all my twelve followers on GFC and everyone else who has followed me on Twitter and Bloglovin'. All I have to say for the millionth time is THANK YOU!

I know Ruby used this but I think I need to repeat the message;

Holly x

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