Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas Markets

Okay so this isn't the conventional 12 days of Christmas - I know they actually begin on Christmas Day but I wanted to do this in the 12 days running up to and including the 25th December. So from today on wards - there shall be a post everyday! These won't always be book related but I'll try to do as many Christmassy Bookish ones as possible.

Today I visited the Christmas Markets in Manchester. They have been coming to Manchester every year for the past 15 years. Each location where they are set up the markets are from a different European Country or have a specific theme to them - for example St. Anne's Square - German Markets, Albert Square - Food and Drink. I had sort of already seen the ones in Albert Square - having walked past last month when meeting a friend but other than that I normally come once a year and it is one of my highlights of Christmas. 
It was very windy and cold but thankfully it didn't rain for once. it usually comes part in parcel with bad weather apart from one year when I was little and there was a blizzard. A lot of Christmas music was played and they were very busy but they were still really enjoyable to attend.

I didn't by much at all really - actually I only bought one thing as I am still trying to continue with my Christmas shopping and are running out of time, so I got a wooden Christmas decoration from the German toy stall in St Anne's Square where everything is made out of wood. The only reason I got the one I did get was because it is an OWL! The greatest part of the markets is that they are never too expensive - the owl decoration only cost me £1.30 with the highest price for decorations being £2.50. They also had some British stalls further into other markets e.g. The Good Bag Co. and many other Christmassy gifts.

Holly x

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