Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Thank you once again to everyone who wished me a happy 15th birthday yesterday. It certainly was a great day. 

Christmas day has been surprisingly present so far. I am not good at being social at all and get very nervous even around family. I don't like the social interaction surrounding Christmas day and would much rather be on my own. But I have been out in the wild today and now have come to hide in our smaller living room whilst watching The Big Bang Theory. I was so pleased with the presents I received, a lot of books, films and music along with other assorted items - including 2 jumpers, one being a Christmas jumper with a robin on from my Grandma. My Dad came round earlier and brought Alex's and my Christmas presents and so I've spent most of the day reading and listening to music. 

Hopefully, by the end of the day, I will add some photos to this blog post, providing that I actually remember to take them and hopefully over the next week I will do a birthday haul and a Christmas Haul/ Book haul. However right now, there is something that I'd like to do which is why some of you have been mentioned in tweets. I saw Amber do the same thing on her blog this morning and I'd like to steal the idea and add other people that I want to say thank you to. I did a similar thing for my Blogoversary but this will hopefully be more concise and accurate.

Amber, you are just... awesome. You gave me the idea to do this after including me in yours and I appreciate what you've done for me so much. You even blocked someone from your YouTube channel because of me. You are so lovely, understanding and have listened to me when I really needed someone to talk to.

Cat - Through a Cat's Eyes.         
I don't know if you saw what I said in my blogoversary thank you post but I would like to re-iterate what I said then, now. Your blog inspired me to make A DayDreamer's Thoughts and if I hadn't read Through A Cat's Eyes, I probably wouldn't be typing this now. I really admire and respect you and like Amber, I really appreciate all your help.

Charli - To Another World          
You are so sweet and have made me develop a twitter addiction. Your tweets always make me smile and I have loved our conversations on BBM. In the past month or so I feel like I've really gotten to know you and have loved your sense of humour when we have talked.

Jack - The Book Stop                
Broccoli, I only got to know you recently after discovering your blog - which is amazing by the way. Your twitter name is just hilarious and it is always a pleasure to talk to you. 

Again, like Jack you are someone I have only come into contact with rather recently but you are so, so friendly and interesting to read about from your blog posts or listen to in your YouTube videos. You even said happy birthday to me like Amber on Facebook and twitter.

Rachel - Booktastic Reviews     
My fellow Ravenclaw! I've known you for a whilst now but I have been talking a great deal more to you in the past few weeks. You are great to talk to and I really enjoy hearing from you.

Ruby - Feed Me Books Now      
Ruby, your blog never fails to make me smile, even if it is a negative book review. Feed Me Books Now is amazing. It has been wonderful to "meet" you and your little monster - Wilde and I want to take this opportunity to say your infographics are spectacular.

This year, you have really got me to come out of my shell through the Bloggers on Bullying post. Sadly it ended in disaster and for some people to become even more horrible towards me but I feel glad that people listened and understood my situation better afterwards.

Zoe - Bookhi                         
Zoe you are a scream. You are so, so friendly, brilliant and funny. We have spent ridiculous amounts of time talking about Harry Potter, Griffinclaws and Ravenpuff's on twitter and facebook and I have had a wonderful time doing so.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Holly x

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