Friday, 28 February 2014

February Book Haul

Another month brings another pile of books!
One of the surprising and helpful perks of this month was that two well, actually four of the books were free to me. That doesn't matter but it was ideal as at the end of March I'm going away for a few days to Belgium and so I'm trying to save my money for buying last minute essentials. 

I'm going to work my way down the pile as seen in the photograph, so the first book I received was The Lovers Dictionary by David Levithan. As I said in the Showcase Sunday post a few weeks ago, I had been debating on Twitter whether to buy this book or not. I'd seen it in Waterstones - kind of battered but cheap. Sabrina from I Have To Read That persuaded me not to buy it. Then a few days later she contacted me saying that she had bought another copy and wondered if I wanted it. This was so kind of her to do and I really appreciate it. Thank you Sabrina! I whizzed through this in two hours and so expect a review soon.

The second book is The Bone Dragon by Alexia Casale. I'd wanted to get this for a long time when last week I went into Manchester. In central Manchester we have a very large Waterstones on the main shopping street in the city and so they have a much larger range of books in comparison to the Waterstones where I live just out of the city centre. This book had just been released in paperback so now I'm about 100 pages in.

As for the third book, Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith. This is the first book I have ever received for review and I'm really looking forward to reading sometime in the near future. I received this from the lovely people from Electric Monkey at Egmont.

Finally we have the bottom of the pile where you can see The Truth About Celia Frost by Paula Rawsthorne and also Ruby Redfort: Take Your Last Breath by Lauren Child. Last month Amber from The Mile Long Bookshelf posted a post with a book sale of sorts, where you could by 2 books for £3.00. Sadly I didn't realise this was going on until the majority of books had gone and I know from that post that there were some books that made me wish I'd got there sooner. But then I saw Ruby Redfort. I read the Clarice Bean books a long, long time ago and remember thinking how cool Ruby Redfort the fictional spy sounded and I knew I had to buy it. Deciding to get my money's worth I browsed Goodreads and also chose The Truth About Celia Frost. Back to what I said at the beginning I only bought the Bone Dragon and when I told my mum about the offer on Amber's blog she said she'd pay for me. So thank you Amber!

Have you read any of these books? If so please let me know in the comments below :)

Holly x

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