Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Perks of Being a Bookworm: Libraries

This is my first ever feature on A DayDreamer's Thoughts and I'm really hoping that it will work. It has been a long time coming and so here it is.

One Of The Best Parts Of Being a Bookworm... Libraries.

Libraries are something that people either love or hate, and personally I love them! They are a place where any reader can just go and blend in perfectly.


  • Variety - Usually, depending on the size of the library there are a great range of books available, some of which you might not be able to find in local bookshops.
  • Quantity - Although normally there is a limit, you can take out quite a few books at a time, and as long as you either renew them or return them within the time limit, they're completely free!
  • Atmosphere - The general unspoken rule of libraries is that as long as you're quiet, you're welcome to stay, which means it is very easy to concentrate on what you're reading or doing.
  • It's not just books - Often you can also borrow DVD's and CD's too.
  • Not just fiction - Libraries normally consist of large amounts of Non Fiction books which can also be borrowed.


  • Condition - Sometimes the books aren't in the greatest condition, but that is to be expected.
  • Time - The limit to how long books can be borrowed for is fairly short, so unless you're Sheldon Cooper or Hermione Granger, then it isn't worth borrowing too many in one go.
However, the positives out way the negative and so that is why I've regarded Libraries as a definite perk.
Please let me know what you think of this feature in the comments so I can decided whether to continue it or not. Also please let me know what you would think of as a perk of being a bookworm.

Holly x

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