Sunday, 16 March 2014

Why I Blog

I saw that Sophie from A Day Dreamer's World had wrote a post on this and instead of commenting about my response, it gave me an idea so I've decided to do a post based on it.

I blog to escape.

When I started blogging in November 2012, in my very first post I wrote that I was blogging because I wanted someone to listen. Which is true and it still is true. Back in late 2012 I was having a difficult time at school, in the past year I had developed anxiety and now I was very ill. I was ill in a way that meant that I couldn't go into school much as I kept being violently sick, going back to Doctors and having to get medication which they thought would cure it, sleeping a lot and I sent a lot of time with very bad headaches and no real ability to anything. The people who were meant to be friends started drifting away from me and as my health began to get worse I felt more alone than I had in quite a while. 

So one day after giving it some thought, I decided to go on my laptop and start a blog called A DayDreamer's Thoughts. I write in the same why I think. The words that you read are the words of the little voice in my head. It's me, it's who I really am.

And then I discovered book blogging.

When I discovered that book blogs existed I was thrilled because finally there was a place where I could fit in. I could talk freely about books without being laughed at for it. I could fangirl about Harry Potter and all the books I love. It was suddenly okay to say that I hate make up and I don't really give a damn about fashion. I could vent about the things that were making me stressed and anxious and people would understand and occasionally comment. People would listen and that was all I have ever wanted.

Holly x

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