Sunday, 8 June 2014

Amber by Julie Sykes

AmberHow do you live by the rules if you don’t know what they are? Amber’s lost her memory. She doesn't even know her real name. The only clues to her identity are a beautiful amber necklace and a broken mobile phone. She’s determined to learn the truth about her past life, and the secrets she’s hiding, but how many rules will she break along the way?

Going into this book, it was very unclear what the story was about. If you read the synopsis which is above this, the very same synopsis which is on the back of the book, the writing is incredibly vague. I think it was only due to the fact that the cover looks like something in space that I figured out that this is a sci fi book.

I don't read very much science fiction at all, and so this was a nice introduction to that genre, but I feel like it could have been better. Amber wakes up in a Scottish hospital with no idea who she is. Soon after she arrives she is fostered by a couple who run a music school and Amber goes to stay with them.

I loved how music was involved in the story and I think that brought up my rating, because that was rather enjoyable to read about. Amber was a great musician within the book and as someone who is a musician themself, I liked how it was accurate and different meanings were used correctly. 

Amber was a great character. She was a mystery waiting to be solved - because she hadn't a clue about who she actually was. I easily warmed to her, and I think it was easy to have sympathy when it came to her. However, some of the things that she said when narrating the book left me just as confused as she was.

When I say this, I mean that whilst I enjoyed the plot, there were just bits that made me think "but why would she do that?", "but why would that happen?", "where did that come from?". In a book you need the story to entertain you, to intrigue you, to interest you and that's fine. But you need the story to be logical and actually make sense and aside from the fact that there was the aspect of aliens involved, there were parts to this plot that just didn't make sense and that kind of ruined it for me.
One thing that really bothered me was that the writing was overly descriptive. Sykes is an author that mainly writes for younger, younger children and you can really tell throughout the book that this is the case, because all the language was how you would write a descriptive piece of writing at the beginning of high school. It was just a bit too much and rather unnecessary.

A nice, enjoyable read, but quite disappointing too.
Holly x

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