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Discussion: Romance in Delirium with Amy

Delirium (Delirium, #1)Today I'm honoured to have Amy from Amy Bookworm joining me for a conversation surrounding Romance in Delirium and Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver. We both love the trilogy (I'm yet to read the final book though!) and so we have created two posts - one of which is on Amy's blog.

Holly - A DayDreamer's Thoughts Amy - Amy Bookworm

We’ve met Alex and Julian- two very different love interests- during these two books. Whose ‘team’ are you on? Do you think it’s a bit like a love triangle?
I feel like I can sense a love triangle coming on! And as much as I’m in love with this trilogy, I feel like it’s one of those situations where it’s becoming something which we see so often in YA fiction that it’s growing a bit dull. I like the idea of a love triangle in this world though, because falling in love with two people in a country where love is a disease is bound to cause some trouble! I really liked Julian throughout Pandemonium even though there’s a part of me that really doesn’t want me to. However, I’m definitely on Team Alex. I just feel that Alex is the one who introduced Lena to the fact that love really isn’t such a bad thing, and he was also her first love - I’m kind of a sucker for things like that. So I’m certainly on Team Alex.

What about you?
The readers don’t know, like Lena, whether Alex will come back though ;) So, hey, she deserves to move on. I would (perhaps easier than her and, in a sense, I don’t relate to her for that!) and… importantly, stay that way. If you don’t feel sorry for Alex, that’s all I’ll say, I disagree & think there’s something wrong with you :P I was prepared, as from reviews, it appeared many disliked this appearing character “Julian” but he’s amazing so I’m Team Julian all the way. He’s the sensitive type, understanding, kinda brave but not unrealistically so & you never get this overly “bad guy” vibe from him. Not one bit, but he does rebel which is fab to see. He steps out & stops relying on Lena. Supremely intelligent as well… But we all have different tastes & I’m interested to see why other readers think what they did when it comes to the guys :P

Do you find it easy to empathize with Lena? Do you like her, or rather, her actions?
I found it very easy to empathise with Lena the majority of the time. (see our review to see where Holly couldn’t, we could empathise with her at other times though.)...
I know what it’s like to feel like you’re starting to like someone. I also know what it’s like when it appears that that person is dead, because that happened to me a while ago. So I could completely understand Lena’s sense of grief. Her actions at times could potentially be seen as naive, but overall, she is a character which I found it very easy to relate to.

Whereas for me, things like first love seem so fragile & I’m quite logical when it comes to that, maybe ridiculous… I know. But I think you don’t truly know love until you’ve experienced it a few times & you can compare. I think you should choose somebody who you know supports you, you can have a great future with & things like that… It’s not just about lust, which I felt with Alex & Lena, I’m afraid :P While it can be damaging to compare lovers too much you learn from past experience & I think, Lena was too afraid to be hurt to love Julian as much! There is nothing wrong with him. It made much more sense, her & him, in Pandemonium! :P In hindsight, Alex and Lena? Umm, nope :P
Oh no I do agree with you on that, that you only know what love is when you’ve experienced it a few times or  you’ve had enough experience to know that that is what’s happening. But I know what it’s like to experience that first moment where you start to really like someone - and it’s one of those moments where you feel like your heart is getting faster and faster. I know that the person I liked, I really really liked and it was that first feeling of attraction that makes you think how weird love really is. I don’t know true love I wouldn’t say that I’ve ever fallen in love, but I’d definitely say I know what it’s like to lose someone that you admire so much, and grief when you love someone hurts. With Alex and Lena, I felt like I was grieving along with Lena because you could see how much she loved him. I think Lena was in a position where like you said, she’s somewhat scared that if she loves someone again, she’ll hurt even more.

Pandemonium (Delirium, #2)See, I think I may have chosen to not like or whatever people anymore? I’ve had worse ends to friendships XD I’ve never had a boyfriend but I’ve liked boys and not in the crush “obsessive” way; it’s a bit more like love in the sense I think it through; like what future would be like? I don’t mean to, I just do. I’ve experienced this feeling more than once & I never know who I’ve liked most. Was it the first? The last? I think when I get married, I’ll know I like them best though XD
I understand that, because it wasn’t like I was “obsessed” with the person I really liked, it was sort of like “Hmm, I really like them…” in my head and I agree that I do think what the future would be like in that kind of situation. But I know it was different with the person that I liked because I’d known them for quite a long time and then they got diagnosed with Cancer and so I never thought into the future.

We’re all scared of rejection though, I KNOW I AM (that’s why I’m all logical & ‘don’t like them anymore GIRL’) so… yes, that’s a huge part of why Lena is how she is with both boys, it’s different & I wish she understand why. Is it just cos Alex would be the better prospect? I don’t think so. Love is a complex thing & be an issue, so like many things, it’s hard when you look at it sociologically but I definitely think love cannot be, like it has been in this series, labelled as just a good thing or bad thing. It’s both. Can be awful but you take the risk if you start a relationship; it might be worth it. It might end, no matter how much pre-thought & planning you try to put into it. If love worked like that, this world would be much closer to perfection.
I’m someone who is terrified that if I ever get a boyfriend, I’ve never had one before - that I’ll get rejected like you said. It’s something that means people behave differently in the hope that they don’t get rejected. I’m someone who loves love and it’s kind of heartbreaking to see Lena at the point where she has lost Alex, but it’s nice to see her getting back on her feet and falling for Julian. You can tell though at the end when she sees Alex that trouble is going to be caused because whilst she may have tried to move on, those feelings that she had for Alex never really went, they just became buried underneath the feelings she had for Julian.

I thought there was a reason she just wasn’t moving on. Not having experienced anything like it I wasn’t sure if I was right & it was accurate but… hey ho :P
In all honesty, I’ve not got a clue when it comes to love. I think at first it’s clear that she isn’t moving on because of Alex still consuming her mind, and also because they live in a world where it’s illegal to be in love, I guess she doesn’t really know what to do next, so that could slow down the moving on process perhaps.

In the world I guess her mum never moved on from her dad. There was no one else to love. It's sad; Lena moved into the Wilds & they both risked a lot just be be split up & really, when you've done that I can only imagine how hard it must be! So yes, I can see why she'd still love with Alex & how he may be angry that she's moved on since... But he's done things wrong (ie. not giving the full picture of the Wilds) so I can't love him myself; He's all yours and Lena's :P
Requiem (Delirium, #3)Haha! I think the thing I liked most about Alex was the poetry and the books (whilst Julian mentioned books Alex was more open about it originally). Everything about him is forbidden. But it isn't like he's evil, it's just that he's grown up in an environment where love does exist. He seems more evil in other things, (they possibly happen later) I think to have a whole life planned together just to be torn apart must be earth shattering. But surely they knew how much of a danger it was to risk so much, especially when Lena has been imprisoned in her own home at the end of Delirium because people discover that she has caught the Deliria. I'll admit to come back after months and months and expect Lena to come flying into his arms is a bit much, but he didn't give her the full story surrounding the Wilds. He only showed her a tiny spot of paint on a massive canvas and he's made a lot of mistakes. But Julian is in a position of serious power, and whilst he has now caught the Deliria, his family are leaders of the DFA and all sorts of problems could be caused simply by that matter.
...All I have to say now is GO JULIAN! And go read Requiem Holly :) Thanks for having this thought provoking discussion on your blog; I've been happy to be here. It was also great that we could have a joint review on my blog. THANK YOU for it all <3
Thank you to you too!

Thank you so much to Amy for doing this post - you can see our joint review of Pandemonium on her blog

Holly x

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