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#Feels - Hollyquillsandivy Guest Post


*Disclaimer - These are just my opinions, It is fine if you disagree, I just wanted to express how I feel.

Feels. Everyone seems to know this word now, when last year they didn't. But what is it? For many of us it just expresses our emotions at a certain times or at a certain thing. We learnt this word to express immense and heart wrenching emotions about things we love deeply and have a lot of emotions about, such as books, movies and music.

However when you try and explain this to non-internety people they look at us a bit weirdly, like they are thinking " why do you care so much?" and to be perfectly I don't know why we care so much, but that's irrelevant because we do care a lot. We care because whatever the thing is has left a mark on our hearts that will never leave us, we care because we have found parts of ourselves in it, we care because they made us feel, and that is one of the most magnificent feeling in the whole world, nothing can take that away from us, and even if they tried, they would fail miserably because they are a part of us, they are seared onto the very core of our hearts and can never disappear.

I know many of us will react this way whenever we read books, because we become so attached to characters that when they feel heartache we feel brokenhearted, whenever they feel happy we are elated, whenever they feel brave we feel fearless, because they teach us so much and make us feel so much that we cannot help but pour our hearts and souls out whenever something happens to them. This, I am sure has happened a lot of times to any lover of books, so much that there have been times where you are in your room at 2am crying  because of the ending of a book or because of a character you love, trust me we have all been, and God knows I have multiple times.

Sometimes even the mention of a character's name will set of the feels, such as  : Augustus Water, Tris Prior, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and so many more that I could honestly go on for hours but I haven't got that long so I cant. We spend so much time on these characters that they feel like our family and best friends, and when we have our "feels" it just shows ourselves our compassion for those we love even if they are not real no matter how much we wish they were. 

Feels are the most magnificent feeling a person can have, it shows that not only are we loving, caring and compassionate in the real world but that our hearts are so filled with love that we can adopt all of these characters and sear them into our hearts without a second glance. We go through everything they do and we even have to deal with having the read the final page even though we never want to, and just because the story is over doesn't ever mean that they leave us, they always stay with us in our hearts. Because that's what feels are, and they will never leave us.

If you know what I mean, please comment about what books have gave you feels, Id love to know 

Write again soon
Holly x (hollyquillsandivy)

Thank you so much to Holly for doing this wonderful guest post. I also did one on her blog about Fan Loyalty which you can see HERE. Please take a look at her blog Hollyquillsandivy as it is just starting out and is truly wonderful.

Holly x

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