Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Fault in Our Stars Film Review

Where do I begin?

I wanted to do this whilst I had the film fresh in my mind, but life got in the way and I'm now here two weeks later, sharing this review. John Green's novel about cancer is one of my favourite books ever. It takes a lot for me to say that because I have very high standards in my mind, but it is honestly one of my favourites. To say I was pleased with the film is a lie.

The Fault in Our Stars is potentially one of the best films I have ever seen. As someone who watches a lot of films that says a lot. And a lot of people will disagree with that statement but the fact is that I don't think I've ever been so emotionally distraught through watching a film. 

I know, maybe I should have wrote this whilst it was fresh in my mind, but I think now I have finally gathered my thoughts. Obviously, if you've read The Fault in Our Stars, then you'll know what the book is about, if not then watch the trailer above! Can I just say before anything else that I think that the casting for this was amazing. Shailene Woodley was phenomenal as Hazel and quite frankly, Ansel Elgort was Augustus.

The transition from book to film isn't always great, but it was done spectacularly here. Yes, there were things that whilst I was sat in the cinema, I was thinking "That wasn't in the book" or "That isn't how they did things in the book." - but what can you do? Some scenes were, in my opinion, just spot on. By spot on I mean, Josh Boone hit the nail on the head with mirroring chapters of John Green's best selling novel. Many will disagree on this but the film was how I saw the book in my head, and to me, that counts as perfect adaptation.

Favourite scenes: Everything in Amsterdam, because you know - AMSTERDAM! The cinematography there was stunning and just really captured the city. As well as this, scenes with Hazel and her parents (her parents were brilliant), and the eulogy scene. No doubt, I loved it all, but these bits in particular stood out in my mind.

Just one more thing, the soundtrack is incredible. There is the odd song (*coughs* Bomfallerella) that I'm just like, meh. But then then are songs that just give me the feels. There were two songs in particular, Not About Angels by Birdy and All of the Stars by Ed Sheeran, that I need to point out. This is because the way they were placed into the film couldn't have been done any better. Using All of the Stars at the end just completed the film for me.

I cried. By now, some of you will know me well enough to know that I don't cry at books, and I very rarely cry at films. Apparently this counts for having a heart of ice, but the fact is that sometimes I just don't find things that emotional. The book didn't make me cry, however the film did. That moment when Hazel is driving away from Augustus' funeral and Not About Angels is playing just really got to me, and to my surprise I just had tears streaming down my face - by the time the credits came around I was silently sobbing. There are reasons that this happened, and if you want to know I suggest you take a look at my Book of the Year 2013 review of TFIOS - because that kind of explains a lot, but that moment just really got to me.

A heartbreaking, yet heartwarming film that makes you laugh, cry and smile. I cannot recommenced watching this enough. 

Holly x

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