Sunday, 7 September 2014

Discussion: Judging Books By Their Covers

Lets face it. We all at some point or other do this. 

You may be browsing Amazon or the Book Depository, or you might be wandering though a bookshop, and you see it. A cover that is so appealing, so interesting, so intriguing, that you pick that book up. You like the look of it, so you read the title and then the blurb, then the entire book.

Earthbound (Earthbound, #1)
But if we rewind back a bit the fact is that we have ultimately based all of our 

judgements of the book on that front image. There's times when this can be good. For example; I picked up Earthbound by Aprilynne Pike purely because I liked the cover and spine. I've no interest in reading the Wings series. So if I'd looked at the author's name first, my interest would've vanished. Actually I loved this and there's no way I would have ever picked it up if Earthbound had another cover.

The Tragedy Paper
It can work the other way as well. The Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth LaBan had a stunning cover, and again, that was the only reason I bought it. Amazing cover, but with terrible content. Before I Die by Jenny Downham had an awful cover in my eyes, but the story was excellent. 

Maybe not everyone does this but I know I'm not the only person who does. it might even be that we love the cover and are a little uncertain of the cover, and yet still by the book simply because the cover has given us that little bit of hope and faith that the purchase is really worth it.

Often we pin all our hopes on a cover, just because it appeals to us, and that means there's a chance that you're not going to like the content anywhere near as much.It's alright to do this, but we can't expect to like every book we read in this situation.

Holly x

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