Friday, 26 September 2014

The Novel Writing Fails

If you've been reading this Lost in the Library from the very beginning, you'll know that it is my dream to be an author. I've been writing stories for as long as I can remember, and when I reached 10, I decided that writing books is what I want to do with my life. The main and only problem I have is this; I have so many ideas but can't seem to finish any of them. This is a particularly stressful aspect of writing because it makes me feel like my dream is floating further and further away. So after being tagged by Arianne and Hawwa, I've decided to tell you about my novel writing fails.

Foxes - YA Contemporary/Fairytale Retelling
This is my current work in progress and is something that came to mind about 2 weeks ago. Foxes centres around a girl who suffers from depression and at night talks to these creatures called the "Foxes" that she sees - bringing magical realism into the plot. So far I'm about 1K into this as I've simply not had the time to write, but I'm hoping to plan and get a little further soon. I'm also trying to encompass a fairytale aspect in with the actual creatures that are the Foxes. 

Stargazing - YA Contemporary
This is going to be a little bit of a long story, so, prepare yourself. This is the story that I feel the most attached to out of anything I've ever written. Simply because it includes an aspect that caused great pain in my life. Stargazing is about a girl whose friend is suffering with cancer, but she's secretly in love with him. Now I know what you're thinking "Hey, that sounds ever-so-slightly like The Fault in Our Stars." And I feel like I just need to put this out there right now: I started writing this in 2011, a few months after my friend had just died from cancer. At this point, I had never heard of John Green or TFiOS, I hadn't heard of either of these things until 2013. I don't want this to be a love story, I want it to be a cancer story that is purely about the harsh reality of life - and I know that whilst this is the story that I have the greatest progress with at about 20K, people will put Stargazing in the same box as TFiOS and judge it in a similar way to that, given it's cancerous theme. Set in Anglessey, where I've spent so much of my time, also centers around a friendship effected by making other friends and moving on. Bursting with bucket lists. i feel that THIS, THIS is the novel that I will finish.

Spark- YA Contemporary (Again)
1K. At one thousand words, this was the story that after signing up late to NaNoWriMo, I rushed into writing and is essentially about a girl who one bonfire night, was killed by a firework, and is going back to earth to say goodbye to her family. Probably something that will just reamin at 1K for eternity. This is lying at the bottom of a doomless pit, so I should probably leave this little synopsis as it is.

A World Without Colour -  YA Contemporary
No writing this is purely ideas that I've formed into completely incoherent sentences but, something that I believe could possibly be combined into something that actually works. Mainly psycological, about anxiety, depression and feeling like your world is ending, but living online through a blog.

I've had many other ideas over the years, but these are the four I feel I am willing to share. It also goes without saying - please DO NOT use any of these without my permission - I've worked really hard on these ideas and it just hurts if people take them away. All of these are contemporary, merely because I feel I can pour most of myself into a contemporary genre. That is what I enjoy the most, so that is what I write about the most. 

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