Monday, 10 November 2014

Lost in a Library 2nd Blogoversary

So today is Lost in a Library's Second Blogoversary! Right now I'm staring at an empty blog post because I don't have the words to describe how happy I feel to be here, and to still be blogging. I know this time last year I said I'd be back right now, but there have been so many times this year when I've questioned if I wanted to carry on with this -  as is evident in my This is a Book Blog post. Outside of blogging, this year has been incredibly difficult for me, but we got there in the end and I just want to write this to say thank you to a few people.

Thank you's were done last year but I feel the need to reiterate those since I've been come a lot closer to a few people and have met some new people too. Hands down one of my favourite things about blogging is the people I've met. The reality is that I don't have that many friends in real life and although it's via the internet some of you have become my closest friends. I don't think I pictured still blogging two years ago, but I'm so glad I have. Lost in a Library has changed so much in the past 12 months - new blog name, new design and button, more book related posts. Not many things make me feel this, but looking back on what I've done with this blog this year makes me feel so proud. I have a lot of people to thank for that.

 Any time I just need to talk to someone, I can guarantee that speaking to you will make me feel better. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done. You're a wonderful, amazing friend and I'm so glad to know you.

There are things that you have done for me that I will always be grateful for. You talked to me and helped me calm down after my first panic attack. You are a lovely person and thank you for sticking by me over the past couple of years.

You're such a fun and lively person. I can always rely on you to put a smile on my face whether it being having the same favourite book in common FANGIRL and talking about Cath Avery or Hogwarts Houses and Luna Lovegood. You're awesome Lucy Powrie.

I'm pretty sure that this time last year, I didn't know you and I can't believe it took so long to start talking. You ALWAYS ask if I'm alright- which doesn't sound like much but actually for someone who doesn't have many friends it really, really is. Obviously as book bloggers we talk about books a lot, but we talk about books SOOOO much! Through twitter, you've made journeys  so much more enjoyable!

We have too many texting conversations that involve hashtags #justsaying. Although we haven't had one for a while. We've started to talk a lot more recently and our conversations are either extremely random or really interesting and I'm rambling now. I really enjoy talking to you and hope we continue to do so.

There are many people I want to say thank you to, but these five the most out of anybody. And also, thank you to you for reading Lost in a Library you may have been here since the very beginning or this may be your first post, but either way THANK YOU SO MUCH. Hopefully we'll still be going bigger and better this time next year. Here's to a third year!

Holly x

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