Friday, 19 December 2014


Last month I had an idea. 

A lot of you who read this blog I consider close friends. It may be over the internet but I honestly feel like I've found great friends through blogging. However, the difficult thing about having friends scattered across the country is that if you want to send them all Christmas presents, it's going to cost a lot of money. So I had the idea - a small secret santa between a group of bloggers I'm involved with. Orli, said why not, and so we decided to work on the project together. We've all agreed to share what we got and so onwards! I got Sophie from A Day Dreamer's World as my secret santa to send a package to, definitely check out her blog!

From the moment that I opened the parcel it was obvious from the beautiful handwriting that the lovely Ruby from Feed Me Books Now, had got me for the secret Santa, and the thing that caught my eye first was the beautiful drawing of Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series that she had done herself. Hermione is my favourite book character of all time and so this started everything off on a high. Hermione's drawing is now stuck proudly to my wall of stuff above my bed. Ruby had also made a hand-drawn card for me with "Deck the halls with Boughs of Holly" on, because my name is Holly - and it's just. so. perfect. 

Speaking of all things Potter, she also sent me these lovely pencils from PopCult Pencils - an Etsy shop that prints all fandom related things onto pencils. It surprises me how well Ruby knows me, there being a Hermione Quote "It's LeviOsa, not Leviosar" on the first. A Doctor Who quote (I'm obsessed with Doctor Who) "Trust Me, I'm a Doctor," on the second. And finally a third pencil saying "I'm kind of a big deal on my blog". These pencils just reflect some of the things I love so well, and I'm kind of scared to use them as they're so pretty...

The final thing I want to talk about is the book I received - The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer. In the process of the secret Santa, we all had to list three of our top wishlist books. The Shock of the Fall was not in that list, but it was a book that I have meant to buy for a long time. The blurb is very ambiguous and I'm really looking forward to reading this sometime in the new year.

Thank you so much to Ruby for the wonderful parcel! Thank you to Orli, for organising the Secret Santa with me. And thank you to Rita, Cat, Sabrina, Hawwa, Sophie, Charli, Holly and Zoe for participating!

Holly x

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