Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Jewel by Amy Ewing

The Jewel (The Lone City, #1)Sold for six million diamantes, Violet is now Surrogate of the House of the Lake in the centre of the Lone City, the Jewel. Her sole purpose is to produce a healthy heir for the Duchess – a woman Violet fears and despises. Violet is trapped in a living death, her name and body no longer her own. She fights to hold on to her own identity and sanity, uncertain of the fate of her friends, isolated and at the mercy of the Duchess.

What surprised me about this book was how much I enjoyed it. This is of a genre I never thought I'd appreciate, but actually really, really did.

The Jewel surrounds Violet, who has been diagnosed as a surrogate and is auctioned off to give birth to the child of the wealthy citizens of the Lone City who live in it's centre - The Jewel. The Duchess of the Lake is the lady who she is sold to, a manipulative woman who Violet sees straight through, and slowly she decides that she wants to break free from the power she is under.

This is meant to be a crossover between The Selection (Keira Cass) and The Handmaid's Tale (Margaret Atwood) - two books that prior to reading The Jewel, I had no intention of ever reading. It is amazing how a single book can change your perspective. Every word seemed to float of the page, enchanting and entrancing. The writing flowed beautifully from one chapter to the next, leaving me dying to read on.  It's incredible how Ewing managed to describe the city and all it's levels of status into a single book because this creation is a masterpiece. 

Violet was such an interesting character, her position means that you see ever aspect of being a surrogate - particularly the darker side to this auction. It seems like such a disgusting thing - to auction off teenagers who are fertile so that richer people do not have to go through the process of pregnancy and birth themselves -  but the reality is that it is something that could potentially happen in the future. Every character felt so detailed and deep. I felt captivated and like I'd known these people for far longer than 300 pages. Something that gripped me from the very beginning was the way that Violet's emotions were described and how scared she was surrounding the prospect of never seeing her family again and loosing her identity to become Lot 197.

Plot wise, this was fast paced and entertaining, causing me to be hooked straight away. Becoming immersed in The Jewel is incredibly easy, - one minute it is 1pm and the next it's 2:30 and you've read 200 pages. It was just brilliant. Shocks lay around every. single. corner. and the beauty is that none of them seem to be expected, they just take you back for a second before you're urged to read on.

This was brilliant and I honestly cannot recommend The Jewel highly enough to you.

Holly x

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