Friday, 9 January 2015

Looking Back On 2014

This has been a strange year. When I say strange, I mean it in the sense that there have been some great moments, but also some really, really, bad times too. I live with the idea that I want to remember every year, but the majority of this year holds memories that I need to forget.

Nothing too exiting really happened in January - I went back to school after Christmas and there were a lot of teacher changes. My English teacher who was my favourite teacher had left the previous month, so that was really disappointing. The TFiOS trailer was leaked and I was one of those people who was going "I want to wait until the real trailer is released", but then I watched the leaked and it was amazing.

The whole Romione thing with JKR happened in February, and my heart was stomped on as they are my OTP. This was the month that I got my first ever review book (Grasshopper Jungle from Electric Monkey). I was asked to be a mentor for Art students, which was great because it got me out of form and I really enjoyed helping the students I mentored. February was also the month that I went to KFC for the first time - dragged their by my friend Gabby, as we are trying to try foods that we haven't tried before. As of now we are still doing this. My Dad also got engaged to his girlfriend which is great because she's lovely too.

March brought my first time abroad. In December it was announced that someone had dropped out of a WW1 Battlefields trip (something that I'd not previously been able to sign up to) and there was one space open. So in late March as part of my History GCSE I went to France and Belgium. The experience in itself was great - but next time I'd take my time going around because there were some places where we only got ten minutes, which was a real shame.

Not too much happened in April - it was the Easter Holidays and so I spent the majority of my time reading. I also was the Abnegation Leader in Rachel and Cat's Bloggers Do Divergent Week. Gabby and I discovered an old bookshop and found a load of Harry Potter first editions there - so obviously, I bought another copy of my favourite Harry Potter book; Deathly Hallows.

May was baaaaad. From start to finish it was really bad. I sat my first GCSE's  - Core Biology, Physics and Chemistry, and was doing History Coursework on Vietnam as well. I realised that my stomach condition had come back, which just ruined the rest of the year. As it happened, that was an hour before my Physics exam, which I practically dragged myself through before not being in school for the rest of the month due to half term.

June was the first truly difficult month of 2014. 
On positive notes, after a week bedridden, I got to go and see The Fault in Our Stars at the cinema - needless to say it was incredible! I also started talking to Cat via What'sApp which really helped at the difficult time.

July's end brought the start of the Summer holidays, and it also brought a wind-down of school work and pressure. Most of my art lessons were spent painting a plasterboard portrait from my Y10 mock, and I was able to take it home to finish over the summer. 
I also started having treatment for my Anxiety which worked at the time. My local library also caught my attention as it started getting YA fiction in stock - thus I've started visiting more frequently.

Ah, August. The month in which I read 21, yes 21, books. August was also the month of absolutely no school, London and Warner Bros. Studio Tour! London was a slight disaster, as we went on the weekend when Ride London, and Free Palestine Protests were taking place and so the capital was just locked down and we couldn't really go where we'd planned. However, because of this it meant my Mum (now recovered) and I were able to go on the London Underground - it was my first time, and now something I can cross of the bucket list. We also got to go to Waterstones Picadilly; the largest bookshop in Europe. It was our 3rd time at The Making of Harry Potter, and it never looses it's magic. This is on less of a personal note, but Robin Williams commited suicide. It seems a strange thing to put but Robin Williams was part of my childhood and it made me more aware of how serious depression can really get.

September was... crap to say the least. I started Year 11 on the 3rd and was just bombarded with work from that point in. Because I find school stressful and my illness is triggered by stress, I was ill a lot again, spending a lot of time being sick and in pain. Additionally,  I won a signed copy of Landline by Rainbow Rowell from Amber. This is now regarded as sacred. So yep, that was my September.

October brought once again, a lot of work, but towards the end, half term as well. In half term I went to away for a few days to Chester with my Aunt, and we spent a lot of time walking around the Roman walls and ampitheatre. It was a really great few days. Half term also meant that I saw Gabby again (we don't get to meet up often because of being at different schools etc) and we spent roughly at least an our sat on the floor of the Teen Fiction section in Waterstones, trying to find things to read.

If I could skip November I would, but the fact is that it sadly exists. But, I feel like it's made me change a lot. There was also an open day at the College I want to go to, and visiting there with my mum made my decision even more finalised.


Compared to other months, December could be considered alright...ish. In the Christmas holidays, Gabby and I went for a meal for my birthday before trailing around Primark and HMV, which was great. My birthday was a pretty bad day because although I wasn't ill for once, my brother was. Christmas was rather good - mainly because Miranda was back. Finally came a new year - something that I've really needed.

 There's a lot of things that I've not covered in this post because I don't feel comfortable writing them for all the world to see, but 2014 left me really unhappy. I really hope your 2014 was better.

Holly x

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