Sunday, 15 March 2015

Just Because You're A YouTuber

One thing that really bugs me in this life (and many things bug me) is the way YouTubers are treated, and how they treat us. I only became really interested in YouTube early last year, when I discovered there was such thing as people who vlogged about books - "Booktubers". Before then I had avoided YouTube because of the typical, tedious, repetitive vloggers who constantly do tag videos and silly activities -  I don't want to waste my life watching stuff like that.

The thing that bothers me the most is the way that YouTubers just get things because of the fact that they have hundreds of thousands of subcribers. My main arguement here is the fact that YouTubers are getting book deals. The reason that they are getting book deals is purely because of the fact that they have a huge following behind them, never mind whether they can string a good sentence together. The books may very well be absolutely terrible, but they still get published so that the Youtuber and the publisher can make some money out of the naive people who pick up copies. 

Alfie Deyes is a perfect example of this. The Pointless Book, is not something worth buying - it's AN ACTIVITY BOOK, which basically copies things like Wreck This Journal. It is probably a pointless  waste of paper (no pun intended on the pointless) but because people love watching him do STUPID tag videos and basically filming videos on stuff that isn't worth filming he gets a book deal. Those who are then easily influenced spend money on "books" like these that are really just for marketing purposes.

Another example is Zoella. I don't think that Zoe Sugg is a good role model. No, she hasn't done anything horrific for me to make this statement, but all she does is make videos on make up and beauty and tag videos with popular YouTubers and her boyfriend, who is coincidentally Alfie Deyes. Yes, she did a video on anxiety but that is one video that is amongst a chain of repetitiveness. That to me, is not someone who we should all look up to. Just because she can do her make up, and she has 5 million + subscribers, it does not mean that she deserves to have a book published, it does not mean that she deserves all the fame that she gets.

There are many, many authors who are probably writing their book right this second, but cannot get a book deal, and they may very well deserve it, and yet awful books get published just because their author has some fame. Shouldn't we regard role models as people who have done amazing things with their lives, not people who just post videos on the internet?

It's just something to think about.

Holly x


  1. Oh I totally see where you're coming from and it bugs me no end. It makes me wail a lot actually, because I see really epic authors fading away because they can't get more book deals and yet we continually get rubbish books on our shelves. GAH. But at the same time...I do understand publishers are just trying to make a business like everyone else. And they've got to publish what will sell. *shrugs* It's not fair, but I understand why they do it. :(
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. I understand the position of the publishers and how this is a great tactic for making money, but to me at least, it still seems immoral to do things JUST for the money, and not on the basis of skill or talent. Thanks for commenting Cait!


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