Wednesday, 1 July 2015

[Courage, Dear Heart] The Narnian Book Tag

The lovely Rachel from Booktastic Reviews created this tag, and as a lover of Narnia (the films - I'm planning to read the books this summer!), I thought it would be great to help spread this in the book blogosphere :)

1) King Peter the Magnificent - A book which stands out in its genre.
For me personally, I feel like Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley stands out in YA Historical Fiction. I hate historical fiction, but this was about racism in 1950's America, and the relationship between two girls of different races who fall in love. A fantasticly good read!

2) Queen Susan the Gentle - A book which is underrated.
Firecracker by David Iserson caught my eye because of Iserson being a writer for New Girl and I've not her another soul mention this book. It's fascinting to see from inside the mind of a troublemaker as they become a better person. This book deserves so much more praise - and I'm surprised it isn't more popular. 

3) King Edmund the Just - A book that took a while to hook you in.
Recently I read Only Ever Yours by Louise O'Neill. This book was phenomenal but at the very beginning the startlingly different writing style was overwhelming and I struggled to immerse myself in what was happening. 

4) Queen Lucy the Valiant - An on-going series you're loyal to.
This is tricky because I don't read many series. I struggle to commit to something over the course of many years because a) it's a big investment and b) my taste can change very quickly.  Probably The Jewel by Amy Ewing, the second book in the trilogy; The White Rose, is out in October and I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I AM.

5) Aslan, the Great Lion - A powerful book that stuck with you.
I feel like Every Day by David Levithan has made me reevaluate how important every day of life is. I read it back in April and even now, it's enchanting words are now greatly influencing the way I live.

6) Jadis, the White Witch - A book with a synopsis that deceived you.
Has anyone else read Entangled by Cat Clarke? Holy moly, that is one deceiving synopsis. I probably shouldn't have told you that though. FORGET I SAID ANYTHING. Anyway, please read this book - Cat Clarke deserves a lot more credit for her stunning writing than she gets.

7) Mr and Mrs Beaver - Your comfort reads.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is my main comfort read because it effects me on a personal level. Also the Anna & the French Kiss trilogy BECAUSE THEY'RE SO FLUFFY.

8) Mr Tumnus - A book with a surprising twist.
The Jewel by Amy Ewing. Yes, I've already mentioned this book, but I love it too much to not include it here. The twist at the end - the VERY LAST LINE - left me speechless. 

9) Cair Paravel - A book with a beautiful message.
Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli has one of my favourite messages from any book. At the time I didn't particularly love this but the overall messages of don't change who you are for others and always be yourself are so powerful. Stargirl has a very extroverted personality and has many quirks that she gets bullied for, but her confidence is never knocked. 

10) The Land of Narnia - Your favourite fantasy world.
I REALLY don't tend to enjoy fantasy, and haven't read very much of it. That's something I'd love to change in the future though. Is it okay to go with the typically conventional answer of the Wizarding World from Harry Potter? I WANT TO LIVE THERE!

I tag:: Rita from Weaving Pages, Cait from Paper Fury, and Georgia from The Bibliomaniac Blog!

Holly x


  1. I LOVE NARNIA!! I totally grew up on Narnia....I had them on audio book sand would listen and re-listen and then LISTEN AGAIN. Ah, the 7 books were just on cycle, to be honest. x) Such fond fond memories. <3 I LOVE THIS TAG and I'm totally putting it on my to-do list. *dances*

    Stephanie Perkins and John Green are both so delightfully fluffy. I LUFF THEM. and I want to visit Hogwarts for real too. Also Lies We Tell Ourselves was GREAT and so sad...I was so angry during that book though. Grr. How can people be so horrible and stupid?! THOSE POOR DARLINGS. *hugs them*

    1. WOOOO!!! I'm glad you like the tag!! I've not actually heard of anyone else loving Lies We Tell Ourselves - it deserves so much more attention!


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