Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Christmas Tag

What's Your Favourite Christmas Film?
Truth be told, I've not seen many Christmas films... perhaps 4 at most. Home Alone cannot be a contender in this - as I've suffered through watching it far too many times. We have a collection of Christmas DVD's, but I've just never gotten round to seeing most of them. However, every time I see it, I adore Elf. It's up there with my favourite films ever. There's some thing so magical and genius about such a story - this is making me want to watch is again. 

Do You Open Your Presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
My birthday is actually on Christmas Eve, which has its positives and negatives. So I get birthday presents on my birthday, and Christmas presents on Christmas day. My family don't open Christmas presents before December 25th because of this - and that's the way it's always been. Every time I tell someone that December 24th is my birthday, I am asked the question "Do you only get Christmas presents then?" - The answer to that is no, as my parents decided that it wouldn't be fair otherwise (which I agree with.)

Do You Have a Favourite Christmas Memory?
Not that I can think of. I've always loved Christmas and so there are a lot of great memories, but I don't think there's one I can rank above the others. I remember in 2005, where i live had European Christmas Markets for the first time. It was snowing and I remember my mum and I eating roasted Chestnuts. Then, there's the memories of hours my brother and I spent playing on a Scalextric we'd received for Christmas in 2006. A lot of favourite Christmas memories are more in the Christmas season, and often surround that my birthday. (Well, aside from my 7th birthday when my Dad got me a bag of oranges because I had a cold, thanks Dad.)

Favourite Festive Food?
Favourite part of Christmas Dinner: Roast Potatoes.
Favourite festive food in general? My Grandma makes a trifle at Christmas and New Year and it's one of the best things I've ever eaten.

Favourite Christmas GIft?
Sometimes it's hard to remember which gift was for my birthday, and which was for Christmas - like, right now I'm trying to come up with an answer and I can't even remember what I got for Christmas last year - hmm. 

Favourite Christmas Scent?
Another fun fact: i have little to no sense of smell - I can't even smell burning. One of the only scents i can smell is the general "scent of Christmas." This answer cannot be limited to just one scent - I love the smell of the Christmas tree, cinnamon, gingerbread, berries and a Yankee candle I have Christmas Memories - which is exactly how Christmas smells. My nose may be failing me, but if there's only a few things I can smell, I'm very glad one of them is the scent of Christmas.

Do You Have Any Christmas Eve Traditions?
 Because of my birthday, Christmas Eve is probably very different for me than it is for you. We don't really have "Christmas Eve;" we have "Holly's Birthday" instead. And I should also note that that isn't me being big headed, selfish, or self centered - that is how things have been for my whole life. In some ways, the circumstances to sadden me , because I'll never know what a traditional Christmas Eve is like. 

What Tops Your Tree?
We have an angel/fairy that my mum has had for years. We've tried stars but they never stay on the tree, so the Christmas fairy sits on some of the highest branches.

As a Child, What Was the One (Wild, Extravagant, Crazy) Gift For But Never Received?
I've always been very down to earth, sensible and realistic in the gifts that I've wanted or asked for. When people ask me what I want for Christmas, aside from books and the odd DVD, I never know. Like last year, my Dad got me an IPad Air for my birthday - I didn't even know about it. I don't really do extravagance. 

What's the Best Part About Christmas for You?
If I have to choose something it's the anticipation. When December comes, knowing that Christmas is just around the corner is always exciting. The shops are decorated beautifully, the TV and music is great, and there is this immense feeling of love, whether it be for Christmas itself or for people. It's just a wonderful holiday.

Thank you so much to Amber for tagging me to do this! You can see her post here. I tag Zoe from Books for Birds, Gee from The Books Bandit, Rita from Weaving Pages, and Rebekah from Wings Made of Words.

Holly x


  1. Thank you so much for tagging me! Yay, I can't wait to answer all the questions! I'll try and do it asap... (as in before Christmas!) Having a birthday on Christmas Eve sounds like a lot of fun and it makes sense to treat your birthday and Christmas as two separate events - because they are! AND YES ROAST POTATOES OMG. Loved this so much Holly! ♡

    1. EXACTLY! I'm so glad you understand!ROAST POTATOES FOR THE WIN!


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