Sunday, 17 January 2016

2016 Goals

So by the time you see this, 2016 will have already been with us a few weeks, but for those of us who are still writing a 5 instead of a 6 at the end of the date, I've decided on talking about the idea of goals and resolutions. 
Truth is, I hate new years. I despise this mass public opinion of needing to start a fresh, and new year, new you. It's just a progression in time, a swift move from December to January, a tick of the clock from 2359 to 0000. If you want to change your life, it should be on your terms and when you're ready. Not just because it's January again. I don't want to change my life, but I do want to make improvements to it this year.


- I want to post at least once a week, every week. As a HCBN blogger, I'm required to do this anyway, but I need to post more than I did last year.
- Do more guest posts. I'm currently writing some for other blogs, and hopefully I can arrange more guest posts here on Lost in a Library too.
- Discussion post, I have opinions, and looking back, I rarely share them. Recently there have been a lot of things arise in the bookish world that are definitely worth discussing.
- Don't get so wrapped up in follower counts. It's not worth the stress and pressure.


- Read 45 Books. Last year I set my Goodreads challenge to 50, and I reached that by October. This year I have my AS Levels, and am planning to do more travelling, so 45 seems manageable.
- Read with more Variety. Again, I did this last year, but I want to keep expanding my horizons instead of only reading YA.
- Only buy books I'm probably going to keep. I've wasted so much money on books I've bought because of the hype, and watching my book collection get smaller last year as I donated books I wasn't going to read again showed me that I really need to be certain before buying.


- Continue working on my Anxiety. Since leaving school in June, my Anxiety has improved massively, but it's still a constant. I want to be in control in anxious moments, instead of Anxiety controlling me.
- Get homework done as soon as it comes in. So far, I think I'm doing well at college, but I really want to have focused time for revision and homework instead of random slots here and there.
- I want to change jobs. I currently -voluntarily- work in a library, and have been doing so for a few months. I'm enjoy doing so, but ideally I'd like to try something else later in this year, just because it would be good to have more than one experience of working before University. 
- Focus on things other than reading. In the past year I've realised that I spend most of my free time reading. That isn't a bad thing, but I want to be more productive too. I'll continue reading and trying to reach my Goodreads goal, but I'm not going to make it as pressurised as I have in recent years. 

I have other goals, but there'll be a post on that going live within the next few months. 

What are your goals for 2016? How's your Goodreads Challenge going so far?


  1. I agree - it isn't exactly reasonable, expecting yourself to alter your lifestyle as soon as the new year arrives. It only leads to upset three weeks later when you realise that things don't become better straight away. I definitely need to focus on doing homework sooner rather than later... I have my GCSE exams in June so I really should start revising! These are really good goals to work towards and I wish you luck with them, Holly! <3

  2. These are such good goals, Holly! GO YOU. And I kind of adore new years' goals?! I think it's fun to like have this starting place for them *nods* ALTHOUGH...keeping to them is kind of hard. And yes I'm still writing a 5 not a 6 *facpealm* At least 5s convert into 6s really easily when handwriting, right?!?

    1. Haha! I think it's a good idea, but it's the fact that you shouldn't feel pressure to make resolutions just because everybody else is at the beginning of a new year, you should just change things and set goals when you're ready. And YES TO 5'S AND 6'S


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