Saturday, 30 April 2016

Reading AND Revision - Finding a Balance

It's that time of year again. The fine-liners and highlighters are out. The mind maps are up on the walls. The text books are spread across every surface. Exam season has arrived, and you're probably not too happy about it. No matter what you do with your free time, whether that be reading, or going out, grinds to a halt until it's all over. But that doesn't mean that you can't read at all.

1. Develop a Routine
At some point or other, your teachers will tell/have told you to 'create a revision timetable,' but that doesn't work for everybody. You don't have to timetable when you each subject, however it's great to have set times of day in which you revise, and in turn, set times when you are taking a break. Over time, doing revision from say 10-3 becomes habitual, and you will instinctively make time for it. By having this set time, there's also going to be time to read. 

2. Take a book wherever you go.
Whether it be on public transport, or waiting for a friend, there are going to be minutes where flashcards aren't at hand, and you have nothing to do. So instead of taking out the phone to check Twitter or Facebook, pull out a book instead. Even if you only read a few pages, that's still better than nothing. 

3. Throw reading completely out of the window
Yes, this does go against everything I'm trying to say, but it's still a valid point. Whilst focussing purely on revision for the next week/month will mean that reading doesn't even feature in your life, just imagine how many books you'll be able to read after exam season is over. It won't help you reading right now,  however think of all the books you'll have the time to read after this is over. That can be a great motivator to plough through revision. 

4. Make Reading a Reward
If you're here, then we can assume that reading is something you love and are passionate about - so why not make it a reward for revising. 1 hour revising? Why not read a chapter? 2 hours revising? Why not read a few more?

Maybe, hopefully you might find these tips useful. Although reading is fun and a wonderful thing, there are times that it needs to be set aside, and if these tips don't work then perhaps this is just one of those times. At the end of it all though, it can be guaranteed that you will feel a lot better for having higher grades than being further along in the Goodreads Challenge. 

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  1. Love this! Super helpful too around exam season x
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