Thursday, 26 May 2016

BLOG TOUR: Mystery & Mayhem [Where the Crime Club Writes]

Welcome to the 19th stop on the blog tour for Mystery Mayhem, a wonderful collection of short stories bursting with crime, detectives, and intrigue. If you're new and have been following this blog tour, then hello and welcome to Lost in a Library! For my stop on the tour, we're going to get a glimpse into Part 3 of The Crime Club's 'Where I Write' series.

Caroline Lawrence
I write in my study in my riverside flat in Battersea, London.

Robin Stevens
I'm lucky enough to be able to write anywhere! I used to write on my commute to work, squashed up next to businessmen in suits (who couldn't work out why on earth I was writing about awful murders), and so I learned to stop worrying about my surroundings. These days, though, I usually write in a cafe, or at my desk in my flat!

Kate Pankhurst

I write and illustrate from my studio space in Leeds with my sniffer dog Olive. The studios used to be a huge spinning mill and the space provides lots of inspiration for writing mystery stories. There are abandoned rooms, a staircase with a resident bat and lots of atmospheric creaky noises. I share the space with other people in creative jobs, an upholsterer, stained glass window maker a knitting expert – and Norman. Norman is eighty seven and is still making curtains! Perhaps my next mystery will be something to do with a terrible plot involving stolen net curtains?

Katherine Woodfine


I write anywhere and everywhere. Some days I'll work at one of the many coffee shops near where I live, in central London; other days I'll head to the British Library to write in one of the reading rooms - an amazing place for doing research.

Sometimes though I'll stay at home to work. Here's a picture of my desk - I like to have lots of visual inspiration around me when I write, hence the pin board which is an ever-changing collage of invitations, postcards and images that inspire me. I always like to have a few books to hand that I'm using for research too - pictured are some of those I've been using while writing the next book about Sophie and Lil, The Mystery of the Painted Dragon. You can also spot a few other favourite things, like my Tatty Devine 'Sinclair' - and of course, a copy of Mystery & Mayhem.

Thank you so much for dropping by. To find out more about Mystery & Mayhem [Released 5th May - it's out, so go and get a copy!] then take a look here. For you're next stop on the tour, head to Book Angel Booktopia tomorrow!

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