Tuesday, 11 October 2016

THE READING LIST - A Levels [Year 2]

When I first received our English Literature reading list for the second year of A Levels, I can't deny that both Amber and I were rather disappointed. However, gradually learning more about the texts we shall be studying next year has slightly increased my interest in their topics. 

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
Out of all four texts, this is by far the one I'm most dreading cracking the spine of. Wuthering Heights is regarded in such high acclaim and yet I have little to no interest in the Bronte's and their work, nor do I care for the romanticism that will be found within their gothic pages. The only classic I can possibly consider wanting to study even less than Wuthering Heights, is Jane Eyre; so that speaks volumes. 

Othello by William Shakespeare
Initially, my reasoning for a negative response towards the premise of studying Othello was due to my desire that we would study one of Shakespeare's comedies this year, or one of the many other plays I have compiled on a 'Shakespeare to-read list' featuring King Lear, and Hamlet amongst the range. However since doing more research into the nature of the play, [bursting with debates on race, gender, and social politics] I am astonished by how excited I am to get into reading this.

A Choosing by Liz Lochhead
Until my English teacher emailed my class the Year 13 reading list, I had never heard of Liz Lochhead. Currently in my preparatory research for this year, I haven't quite reached her and her works yet [still looking ploughing through Wuthering Heights research,] but having read some of Lochhead's poems online, I'm certainly intrigued by her discussions of lower social classes coupled with feminism. 

Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller
My knowledge of this play cumulates to virtually nothing besides a couple of the themes. My opinions on this are limited due to my perhaps disappointment that we're not alternatively studying Miller's most famous play 'The Crucible.' Nevertheless, I'm happy to go into something different and try something new. As a lover of plays and a prospective Undergraduate English Literature student, I can't help but anticipate this. 

For now, these are just brief questioning thoughts of intrigue, but hopefully by the end of this academic year, my concluding thoughts on this collection of new reads will be positive if not more so than my wrap up of AS Level.

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