Saturday, 24 December 2016

Who Am I? - A Living Autopsy

Today I turned 18. Today I became an adult. For me, birthdays and age progression is a big thing. It always feels like a step up, and evolution of yourself, and with becoming an adult, this feels much more significant this year. With this, and apparently commencing 'adulting,' I've spent a lot of time evaluating myself and who I think I am, and in the process that you actually don't know a lot about me. The arrival of a big birthday feels like the perfect time to give you some more of this information, so when Amber tagged me in the 'Who Am I?' tag, a great opportunity arose. So sit tight and get ready to learn plenty of unnecessary information about me, because hooray for oversharing!

What is the meaning of your name?
There's really not very much to it, honestly. Holly is a sharp tree, usually tied to Christmas. My naming has nothing to do with the fact that I was born on Christmas Eve, because I was actually meant to be called Lydia. My parents just liked the name, and they thought it fitted me better [also my mum says I've grown into it - bright and... apparently prickly.] 

What is your Myers Briggs personality type? | The quiz
Discovering that I was an INFJ a couple of years ago made perfect sense, and I genuinely believe that the results of this quiz are astonishingly accurate [If you haven't already, then you really should do this quiz [exclamation mark]].

As an INFJ, I am considered to be 'The Advocate.'

  • I approach everyday situations and achieving goals through constant improvement.
  • Though I may be soft-spoken, I've very strong opinions which I will relentlessly fight for.
  • I am also susceptible to burn out easily through a likelihood of exhausting myself via trying to balance ideals with everyday life. 
  • Extremely sensitive, private, and a perfectionist to name a few weaknesses. However, on the flip side, my strengths include creativity, a vivid imagination, determination, and altruism. 

What is your zodiac sign?
Capricorn. I'm not a big believer in star signs, and so did a little research into what exactly being a Capricorn means in terms of personality.
Strengths: Responsible, disciplined, self-control, good managers
Weaknesses: Know-it-all, unforgiving, condescending, expecting the worst
I completely agree with the strengths, and in terms of weaknesses, all but 'condescending' are right, I think [I hope].

What Hogwarts house would you be in? | The quiz
I better be Ravenclaw on this....
*does the quiz*
Ravenclaw yaaaaaaaaay! [an eagle cries]
Ravenclaw: 18
Gryffindor: 14
Hufflepuff: 10
Slytherin: 6

Whilst I'm sure this is reliable, I'll ALWAYS favour my original Pottermore result over quizzes like this. I was sorted into Ravenclaw on Pottermore just over 5 years ago, with my secondary house being Gryffindor [as discovered through making multiple accounts and retaking the test until I got something other than Ravenclaw.]
Also -- if you want to know my Ilvermorny house... I'm a Horned Serpent!

What are your learning styles? | The quiz
Read/Write - 14
Visual - 9
Aural - 5
Kinesthetic - 5
According to the quiz, I have a 'mild read/write preference.' I've always been someone who favours the written word over any other type of learning, so this makes a lot of sense.

Are you more of a left-brain or a right-brain person? | The quiz

Technically 'equal brained' isn't entirely accurate, but I'm glad that I have such a distribution. Often I'll favour rationality and logic over chaos, but as a Ravenclaw, a lot of my actions are heavily based in creativity, imagination and curiosity. Personally, I'm happy that I lean more to being right-brained than left brained. 

What is your blood type?
I should probably find this out for future reference....

What career are you meant to be in? | The quiz
WRITER - YES! Considering I'm intending to start a degree which is partially in creative writing later this year, that's reassuring. 
'You have a skill for language, your imagination is vast and you are artistic and creative. Your brain is just overflowing with ideas, and all you have to do is get a piece of paper and share it with the world. You were born to turn words into magical stories.'

Which Divergent faction do you belong in? | The quiz
Erudite - characterised by knowledge. Oh I am such a Ravenclaw. According to the Divergent wikia - the most notable traits are book and media discussion, constant pursuit of knowledge, and curiosity is their greatest drive.

What does your birth order say about you? | The quiz
Well, I'm the eldest child. According to the study, this means I'm ambitious, protective, and responsible. Due to being the eldest, apparently higher expectations are placed on me by my parents.... I just hope I'm living up to whatever those are then...

That was surprisingly fun, and I definitely got to know a little more about myself in the process. So whilst I try to find out my blood type and blow out the candles on this wonderful 18th birthday, I tag....

Gee from The Books Bandit
Hannah from Stars and Above
Helena from She is Wondering

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