Monday, 20 February 2017

My Dream Loot Crate

A while ago, Loot Crate popped into my emails, stopping by to say hello and wanting to get in further contact with me. I've heard of Loot Crate and countless other crates and have never seen the appeal...until now. When Loot Crate gave me the opportunity to design my own, as elaborate as I desired, with the possiblity that it could potentially be created, I couldn't refuse. So this is my attempt at creating my own Loot Crate... as mad or boring, my ideas may be.

Hermione's Beaded Bag
Undetectable extension charm or no undetectable extension charm placed on it, either will do... (plus we all know I'm a witch here so I can just cast one myself.) I could really do with Hermione's beaded bag for when I'm travelling and need to carry more than the size of my suitcase allows me, or even for when I need to tidy things away and just need to place them somewhere safe for a while. And of course, wouldn't this be excellent storage for when the bookshelves start overflowing?

Spectre Specs
For the nargles.... our heads are full of them. 

A Pet Mooncalf
So incase you've been living under a rock, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was released in cinemas in November, and I am in love. *coughs* five cinema viewings *coughs*
Some raved about the Niffler, others ranted about Pickett the Bowtruckle. For me though, it was the adorable Mooncalves that were bounding around Newt's suitcase. How could you not want one to love?

Okay, let's be real. Unless we're timelords (spoiler alert: I'm not a Timelord), we cannot possibly fit a TARDIS into a Loot Crate, but for the sake putting literally whatever I desire into this crate, this has to go in. Imagine it: opening a subscription box, expecting the same set up as the month before, and there it is -- your ticket to travel through space and time to absolutely anywhere in history or the future. 

Ron Weasley
Probably breaks about 50 laws against trapping, capturing, and containing fellow humans against their will, but it's true. If I could open a Loot Crate and find Ron Weasley inside, my life would be complete. It's no secret here at Lost in a Library that for the past 6 years, I have been deeply in love with our favourite ginger sidekick. He's kind, awkard, and dons the heart of a lion with such pride. Why wouldn't I want Ron in my Loot Crate? After all, Weasley is Our King isn't he? 

To find out more about Loot Crate, go to their monthly subscriptions page and just try and resist buying one of their amazing boxes!

If you could design your own Loot Crate, what would you add in?


  1. Lol "I will have 8 Ron Weasley's please"
    "Ma'am we can't just-"
    "I SAID 8, DAMNIT"

  2. I would absolutely love to get Hermione's beaded bag in a crate! That's such a good idea. I also like the idea of Luna's glasses.
    I also took part in this dream loot crate. My theme was Adventure, but there were so many things I wanted to put in that it was hard to choose.

    1. Ooh I'll definitely take a look at your dream loot crate! I couldn't find anyone else I knew that was doing on! Love the sound of your theme!


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