Friday, 3 March 2017

Holly: Creative Editorialist (I Got a Job!)

The epicentre of Harry Potter. The queen of Harry Potter fan sites, receiving millions upon millions of unique visits every single month. J.K. Rowling has praised it herself, even giving the site an exclusive interview back in the 2000s. You cannot go very far within the Harry Potter fandom without the site name reaching your ears as it spreads its arms wide across Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, and several well-loved podcasts. 

It's also now where I work.
MuggleNet: the home of my first job.

I've been fairly private about this here at Lost in a Library, even if quite vocal on social media. Now that this is the start of a great story bleeding into a life dream, it feels appropriate to go back to the beginning and tell you what's been going on for the past few months, because even I find it hard to believe...

By the time November crawled around, one of the best months of my life had just ended. I was anticipating a sea of work and dreading trying to complete what were at the time disastrous drafts of my personal statement and university application. The month ahead looked bleak (obviously with the Fantastic Beasts premiere, a little sparkle was added back into my life,) and so as I scrolled through my emails at the crack of dawn on November 1st, the last thing I expected was the offer of an internship at Having applied for a different position six months earlier to no luck, I'd set aside my chances of getting an accepted, and totally forgot about what I'd applied to in late October. At first it was shock, then excitement, then fear - what if I wasn't good enough? I didn't even know how long the internship would last - what if I ran out of ideas for articles? For the first time in years, Harry Potter wasn't the source I could turn to for comfort, as Harry Potter was the problem. Elated, I accepted the offer, and was suddenly immersed in the workings of MuggleNet.

It was hard. Suddenly going into a position where you get to write for a major website and be told that a lot about what you thought of writing was wrong was hard. I was relearning everything I thought I knew about journalism and having to change my style so it wasn't so essay-like and more informal and chatty. Nevertheless, I did it, and with every article I could (and still can) feel my writing excelling beyond what I'd originally believed I was capable of doing. There were times in the first couple of months when I broke down crying, so desperate to get it right and not feel like an idiot, and I wasn't helped by the fact that in December there was no internet in my area for the entire month. But then there were a multitude more times in which I was just thrilled at the fact that I was there, fulfilling one of my greatest passions by writing about the my favourite thing. Then I sat, with my heart in my mouth waiting to hear news in January, to be told that I had an extended internship: one month to perfect where things had gone wrong previously or leave. No one will ever know just how many times I checked my edits, and the amount of Anxiety I felt submitted my final article, as having the knowledge that February was all or nothing made me realise more than ever before how much I wanted this job.

And now I'm here, on the first of March - my first official day. Upon receiving an email confirming my membership as staff under a week ago I was beyond happy. I am living my dream.

One year ago, I was listening to Alohomora!, wondering just how the people on the podcast got to work for MuggleNet... and now I'm here. Those people are colleagues, and I have a job writing for my favourite website; writing about the story that changed my life.

I have no idea what I'm trying to convey through this. Maybe it's just to say "I did it!" or maybe to make a point of being a little Slytherin every now and then. Determination is a virtue, use it. If you want the snitch, get on your broomstick, reach out, and grab it. 

Whilst we're here, I'm just going to link all of my MuggleNet pieces so far because I'm rather proud of them. Each one is somewhat like a horcrux, it represents a part of me and a part of this journey, and I'd be delighted to share these with you. 

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.


  1. W O W. That is such an epic thing to have on your CV. Congratulations Holly! I remember hearing about your new job on twitter and don't think I got a chance to congratulate you. While I am insanely jealous, you definitely deserve it! I particularly liked your piece on feminism. Clever title ^_^

    1. Thank you Marian! I'm so excited about it.
      Oooh, pleased you ennjoyed the feminism article - it's my favourite piece so far.
      Thanks again!! xx


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