Friday, 15 June 2018

Oh, the Places:: Dublin

May brought final deadlines of first year, frantic studying and writing, and exams. It also brought an opportunity that consumed my wanderlustful heart: to go to Ireland. On St. Patrick's day back in March, I had found a massive deal that meant we could cross the Irish Sea for £2 a way, which was incredible, and studying right near Anglessey provided a few friends from university and I the perfect opportunity to do this in a wild 24-hour stint involving severely limited sleep, scrambling for euros, and crashing in ferry armchairs. Like I said, wild 24 hours.

My family are originally from Ireland and the majority of them still live there, so part of me had always harboured the desire to go and see the country from which my grandmother emigrated to England, and to see the place of my ancestry. Being confined to 24 hours, we knew we wouldn't see the entirety of Ireland, but maybe in the future. Fortunately, ferries from Anglessey arrive straight into Dublin, so we had a fantastic chance to visit the Irish capital (also at a highly charged political time which ended in a wonderful result.) It was exhausting, frantic and a heck of a lot of fun despite some chaotic moments. This is 24 hours in Dublin, Ireland.


Oh, the Places is a series of posts in which I recap through photographs my travels, both expected and surprising across countries, cities, and seas. Consider these field notes from a wanderlust-filled student desperate to see more of the world than her small English home, and Welsh university city.

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