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Lost in a Library was created back in November 2012. 
Originally it was just a place where I wanted to just express my thoughts about things going on in my life and this blog was to an extent a lifestyle blog.

Then I discovered Book Blogging was real.

Gradually since March 2013 I have transformed Lost in a Library into a book blog. A place where I feel I can ramble freely about books and Harry Potter and all other things bookish. Book Blogging is something I feel very passionate about and all posts have been written to the best of my ability.

I'd like to think that this has become a blog where I can also post personal posts as well, so readers of Lost in a Library can get to know me a bit better. But that doesn't mean that this is a lifestyle blog. It is a book blog. Nothing more, nothing less, so I'd really appreciate it that if any other bloggers mention Lost in a Library - they don't call it a lifestyle blog because that isn't what it focuses on. 

To find out more about me take a look at About the Blogger.

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Holly x

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