Friday, 30 August 2013

Pen Pal

Today I received my first letter from my pen pal. She is called Laura and we met on Tumblr where we were both looking for a pen pal. After a few weeks of emailing one another we decided to start writing to one another, and she sent the first letter. As she lives in Austria it took a little over a week to arrive in England but I am really pleased to finally read it and it was definitely worth the wait :)

I was so pleased and surprised that Laura had gone to the effort to put a few things inside of the envelope as well as a letter. The purple glittery envelope also contained a postcard, showing where she lives, a photograph of herself (which I haven't included on the pictures) and this really pretty bracelet decorated with tiny bells. Apparently the majority of people in the city where she lives wear these and they are supposed to protect you from things. She also said that you get used to the sound of the bells. A tiny book comes along with the bracelet but it is in German and so I don't know what it says but am gradually translating it via the wonders of Google. I will definitely send her a letter back in the next few days. This is also categorized as haul because... just because it is.

Holly x
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PPS: Please can someone tell me how you alter the time on blogger to BST because all of my posts are on an american time zone. 

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