Sunday, 13 October 2013


1) List all of the books on your bookshelf that you haven't read yet. Leave a gap between each one for a later step.

2) Colour the list in different colours if you want. (This is optional)

3) Cut out each book title from the paper, making them into similar sized rectangles.

4) Roll up each rectangle into a small circle.

5) Don't lose the rolls, turns out they are easier to lose than you would think.

6) Put the names in the jar.

7) You now have your TBR (To Be Read) Jar, if you can't decide on a book to read, then you can use this to select one at random.

I got the idea for this on YouTube by the way, it wasn't my creation. However, the wording and photo's are all mine. I have now found use for that cute little tin that I got in a set of three last Christmas. 

Holly x

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