Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Literary Gift Company


I stumbled across this website thanks to Charli from To Another World when I saw her mention it on Twitter. I'd never heard of it but after being on it a couple of times and endlessly browsing I can definitely say that I am in love and I'm sure any other readers will be too. So I thought I'd show you the top five finds I've found on here.
Borges Library Bag

Ollie Owl Bookends
The first thing I found was this amazing bag with the quote "I've always imagined heaven as being some kind of library." - I don't really have much more to say about this bag other than a) that statement is entirely true and, b) I love the colour.

I also found a set of book ends that are little owls. I love anything that has owls on them because they always remind me of Harry Potter. But these ones are so cute.

Personalised Bookaholic Mug - Red & Orange
Number 3 is a mug with the phrase "My name is... and I'm a bookaholic." Upon purchase - these mugs can be personalised to have your name on instead of Anna, like it reads in the photograph. This sounds a bit weird but I find it really funny how this is like something you would find at an AA meeting.

Red Maple Leaf-it Sticky Notes Large
I also found these bookmarks which are just beautiful and are in the shape of autumn leaves. I don't own any of these but from what I can see on the website, they look incredibly real although its obvious that they won't be. They look so different to the conventional bookmark and would really stand out.

Write Bestseller With Pen
Finally the fifth item that caught my eye is this pen. Although it's hard to see it says "Write Bestseller With..." down the side. As I want to be an author I think this would be very motivational and also rather humorous. And despite the fact that this part isn't nearly as important - it's in my favourite colour. 

All of the gifts mentioned above are under £10.00 (I think) and you can find them all and more HERE. I've also drawn my Mum's attention to this and so I'm guessing that some of my birthday and/or Christmas presents might be coming from here.

Happy October!
Holly x

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