Sunday, 17 November 2013

Film Review: The Great Gatsby

After what seems like an eternity of waiting, I finally own the DVD of The Great Gatsby and have watched it for the first time and bloody hell it was good. So here is what I thought of it.

I haven't read the book yet - I've requested it as a Christmas present - but I have been desperate to see this for such a long time. I absolutely adore everything about the twenties - the music, the clothing, the lifestyle... everything and this just reflects that decade (before the depression and Wall Street Crash) perfectly.  The film takes a good ten minutes to get into before you feel properly engaged in it but the plot is so incredible. 

The film begins with Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) moving into a very quiet, small and homely house next to a man named Jay Gatsby. Gatsby hosts lavish parties every weekend in the hope that his long lost love - Daisy Buchanan - Nick's cousin will turn up one day. Only trouble is that nobody really knows who Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) is, not many people have met him in person, they just turn up to the open doors of the party and have fun. Many rumors surround Gatsby, but until the very end in Nick and Gatsby's last meeting, even though before that Nick has been told by Gatsby of "the truth" who he really is and what he is really after. The characters in this film were made to be incredibly likeable, even if idiotic and naive (Daisy) and the ones that you were supposed to hate (Tom), you purely despised. 

Additionally, the costumes were phenomenal and it really seemed as if you had stepped out of the Tardis and into the Golden Twenties of New York City and Long Island. The set's were stunning, Gatby's castle was beautifully created and the music was beyond words. What was spectacular about it was that they had modern day songs and had put a twenties spin on them e.g. - Bang, Florence and the Machine, Lana Del Ray and Emeli Sande - Crazy in Love (originally by Beyonce).

Overall this is a wonderful film with a great cast and director and I definitely recommend  that you watch it. I give it 5 stars.

Holly x

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