Tuesday, 24 December 2013

My 15th Birthday

Displaying Trafford-20131224-00433.jpgSo, today is my 15th Birthday!!!! As I write this it is 16:10pm and I have had a wonderful day overall and it's still not over. I got up at 5:30 this morning and my family did not wake up until 8:30 so I had a few hours to watch television and finish uploading the next chapter of one of my Harry Potter fanfictions. We never go out on my birthday as a lot of places are either busy or closed on Christmas eve so it isn't really worth it. I normally spend the day using my presents, so today has been spent watching a lot of Glee Season 4 and reading some of my new books. 
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 I'm very slow when it comes to unwrapping so I spent easily nearly 2 hours and not all of my presents were even there. My Dad is supposed to be coming over later on with presents from him, his mum and my auntie and uncle. But here is a rough idea of what I've had so far...

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  • Five books, all of these were from my Mum including Insurgent by Veronica Roth.
  • 4 DVD's including Glee Season 4 and Miranda Series 3.
  • 2 CD's - OneRepublic - Native, Lawson - Chapman Square Chapter II
  • A LOT of stuff with owls on. 
  • Chocolate, stationary, notebooks, slipper socks and gloves!
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 I also got an amazing Owl door stop for my bedroom from my mum, which just blew my mind and I can be seen holding it in one of the pictures above. We have a dog and so I've decided that I might make another use for it instead of having it on the floor.

But two of the best things I have received... so far that is, are two birthday cards. The first was from my mum. As many of you will know by now that my mum is an English teacher at my school and she is friends with the librarian who happens to make cards. So I was given a birthday card with a hand drawn picture of Hogwarts in the snow. The number 15 has also been added on in black glitter and it is just beautiful. The other card was from my friend Savannah. She had told me on Friday when she gave it to me that she had got it from Moonpig.com but I had no idea what it would be like. When I tried to see through the envelope all I could see was Roses. But then I opened it this morning and it is just wonderful. Her birthday was last month and so she has placed on the front two pictures of us together with our friends and then she has also put a photo of Harry, Ron and Hermione on it. She knows me so well and I was so shocked when I opened the envelope that I ended up crying.

I might update this post later on once I've got my presents from my Dad and we have had tea - Pizza Hut Delivery!!!! 

Thank you to Amber, Charli, Rachel, Cat, Zoe, Ella, Lucy and Sabrina for wishing me a happy birthday. It was lovely of you to contact me!

Holly x

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