Monday, 30 December 2013

The Best & Worst of 2013

The Best: I moved schools and I met the people who have become some of my closest friends whilst accepting me for who I am. I also went to see The Lion King at the Palace Theatre in Manchester. I went to see Les Miserables at the cinema. It was very lucky that I was sat next to a wall as whilst the 18 year old boy (I'm assuming the age) behind me was sobbing I laughed. I LAUGHED at Les Miserables.
The Worst: I was prescribed more medication whilst I was still very ill. Things at my old school got really bad. There was a week where everyday before I went to school I was violently sick and started having panic attacks.

The Best: I can't remember much about February. I bought a lot of books though and began reading The Fault in Our Stars. I went to see Wreck-It Ralph which was pretty good though - so good that I sobbed in the cinema. I started blogging here again. 
The Worst: I saw my old friends for the last time and they weren't all to pleasant.

The Best: My brother turned 10 years old and I had my first non-uniform day in four years.
The Worst: We started doing swimming in PE which I found really awkward given that (a) I hadn't been swimming in two years and (b) I hadn't known my friends that long and I had flu.

The Best: I had my first Piano lesson - which turned out to be great as I already knew the teacher but hadn't seen her for five years.
The Worst: Revision for exams, meaning no free time.

The Best: My brother went on a five day residential and that meant five days of peace and quiet!
The Worst: 12 exams in 3 days, and I had flue again.

The Best: I bought a lot of books once again. E.g. Entangled and Starter for Ten
The Worst: There wasn't anything really that bad about June... thankfully.

The Best: Summer holidays, LONDON!!! And Warner Bros. Studio Tour. Bought a massive amount of Harry Potter Merchandise. Prince George was born as well so we went up to Buckingham Palace to see the confirmation sign whilst we were in London.
The Worst: I unintentionally missed Manchester Comic-con. 

The Best: I met up with my friend Gabby who I hadn't seen in 7 months after leaving my old school and I saw Monsters University.
The Worst: My bike broke whilst I was in the middle of riding it down the canal. 

The Best: I went to Lancaster University as part of Gifted & Talented. My friend Azeem taught me how to order in Subway.
The Worst: Year 10 began. 2 years since my friend died as I mentioned in yesterday's post.

The Best: I met up with Gabby again. Found a signed copy of The Fault in Our Stars and I met my cousin Russell for the first time.
The Worst: Experienced my first migraine. Dentists. I got a Grade U in my first Physics test... as did most of the class because half of the questions were on topics we hadn't been taught yet.

The Best: It was my friend Savannah's 15th birthday, so we all went to the Red Hot World Buffet in Manchester.
The Worst: Bonfire night. Half term holidays ended.

The Best: I went to the Key 103 Jingle Ball. Christmas! And it was my 15th birthday on Christmas Eve. As well as this, I did my first YouTube video.
The Worst: I had food poisoning at the beginning of the month and our English teacher retired on the last day before the Christmas holidays :(

Holly x

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