Saturday, 5 April 2014

Divergent Week!

So, this week, Cat from Through a Cat's Eyes and Rachel from Booktastic Reviews have been hosting a Divergent week. And I am the leader of Abnegation. If I'm fully honest, as many people who are in my faction have said about themselves, I know I'm not the most selfless of people. If anything I'm more Amity than anything else, but I had to chose to lead Candor, Erudite or Abnegation and I'm loving it so far and I feel this week has made me more selfless than I've been before now. Without further ado, I'm going to complete some of the Abnegation challenges right now.

Why Do I Love Divergent?
There are many, many reasons that I love Divergent. Firstly, because although I've not finished it yet, this is the first trilogy I've ever read and managed to successfully make it past the first book. It sounds like nothing but this means a lot to me as I often find it hard to get into Dystopia trilogies, but this one is working for me. I love how the characters you're meant to hate you hate and those you're meant to love you love although there is a tiny part of every character, even if evil that I love. 
I love the fact that this is kind of a reality shock, as this is something that could potentially happen in the near future. And personally I hope this doesn't happen in my lifetime, nor in my children's lives. If the world becomes divided simply on how our brain functions, whether we are more peaceful or braver than others, then we are in some ways destined for disaster.

What Am I Looking Forward in the Film?
The thing I'm most looking forward to is the characters that I've grown to love jumping out of the pages. I'm really hoping that Shailene Woodley does Tris justice and unlike what a lot of people are saying, I really hope that Theo James doesn't appear too old for Four in the film.
From what I've heard and seen from the trailers, the sets look perfect as do the costumes and I simply can't wait to see it.

I think later on, I may attempt to do a fan fiction. I'm not too sure. As a Harry Potter fanfiction author already, I love writing fanfiction but I'm currently writing what to me seems like the most challenging chapter possible.

Anyway, Happy Divergent week!

Holly x
Abnegation Leader

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