Monday, 18 August 2014


WARNING: May contain serious rambling and fangirling.

On Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th August, my Mum and I went on holiday to London, needless to say before I go any further than I had an incredible time, with quite a few disasters along the way.

As it saves time, we travel by coach, and around 10am, the coach driver told us that we would be in London by 12 o'clock. In retrospect, he was being rather hopeful, as when we arrived at Baker Street, trapped in traffic, it was apparent that with the Palestine Protests going on, and Ride London taking place, the police had basically locked down the capital and we would be lucky if we got off the coach at all. By 2:15, we were FINALLY getting off the coach, far away from where we'd originally been told we'd be dropped off. With only 2 hours in London, we decided that although there were so many sights that we wanted to see, and was no way that we'd manage to get to any of them, that we would go to Waterstones Piccadilly - the biggest bookshop in Europe.

Though we were reluctant, the only way of getting anywhere was by travelling via the London Underground. This is something that I've wanted to do for years and loved the experience. In the process, it also helped with two of my biggest fears; being underground and escalator as on the tube the escalators are huge. 

When we arrived in Piccadilly Circus, Waterstones was only a few yards away and soon enough it was like having a serious fangirling moment. 8 floors of bookish heaven - and a massive YA section. Once we'd arrived at Waterstones, we only really had an hour or so before we'd have to get back on the underground, therefore it was a lot less relaxing than we'd imagined. I did however manage to pick up three books, one of which is signed - you'll be able to see those in my August Book Haul.

It doesn't sound that exciting but in spite of our misfortunes I can honestly say I had a brilliant time in London. The next post I do will be surrounding Warner Bros. Studio Tour!

Holly x

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