Sunday, 12 October 2014

My Favourite Bookshop (Books Are My Bag)

I've always been a book lover for as long as I can remember. Part of the experience of buying and getting books is going into a bookshop itself. As oppose to going on Amazon or the Book Depository - going into a bookshop, browsing through the books, picking the books up in your hands, seeing the actual copies right in front of your eyes, is a somewhat magical thing. As more and more bookshops go out of business, this becomes rarer and even more special. 

So here I am today, sharing my favourite bookshop with you; Waterstones Altrincham.
Altrincham is the town I live in in Cheshire and considering how quiet and sparsely populated it is, you wouldn't expect such a well known chain bookshop to have a branch located there. But there is, and it is a wonderful place to be. 

Upon stepping inside, the delightfully combined smell of books and coffee from the Costa upstairs hits you. Such a small space is bursting to the brim with books and an entire corner simply related to bookish merchandise. 

One wall is filled simply by bestsellers and the latest fiction, often with signed copies and special editions peaking out from here and there. Many a time, much to my surprise I've found books up for grabs well before their release dates, giving a euphoric feeling when you purchase one of them. The children's section is bold and bright, vivid rainbow streamers trickle down from the ceiling, and opaque bubbles float and fill the luminous fish tank which is packed with exotic fish. For a child, this is a truly brilliant place. The same can be said for teenagers - with a small but crowded YA section - and adults - all the classics, Sci - Fi, Fantasy, and Contemporary fiction you could possibly think of.

Finally, a thing I find particularly special about Waterstones Altrincham is how they so boldly display kindles and e-readers. For me, that can be seen as a particularly brave move for a bookshop  - diverting attention to the form of fiction that is taking business away from them - but they do it anyway, because the reality is that not everyone is going to want a physical copy.

Welcome to my favourite bookshop. Please stop by if you can.

Holly x

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