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Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur

Love, AubreyAubrey has suffered an unbelievable loss, and goes to live with her grandmother in Vermont in order to heal. There she makes new friends, learns to cope with what has happened, and begins to figure out how to move on.

You probably won't remember, as you probably weren't reading this blog at the time, but August 2013 I reviewed Love, Aubrey and gave it a rather low rating.
The reality is that I never finished that book at the time, and reviewed only what i'd actually completed. This is a book that was given to me 4 years ago when every pupil in my year group was given a free book of our choice out of a selection to encourage everybody to read more. The book that I chose was Love, Aubrey and for some reason I never finished it.

This book carries so many good memories from such a dark time, I was reading this when I met one of my best friends and she asked "What are you reading?". It was also the book that I read sat alone in the school library at lunchtime when I was friendless. I think the fact that this book held memories like that stopped me reading this, but I'm so glad that I picked it up again 4 years on.

Love, Aubrey is about Aubrey who after the deaths of her father and sister is abandoned by her mother who can no longer take the pain of their loses. Aubrey lives alone until moving across states to live with her grandmother, whilst still dealing with the flashbacks and memories of the traumatic experience in which she lost 2/3 of her immediate family.

The thing that impressed me the most about this is the way that it stuck in my head for so long and didn't leave my mind after reading it. This originally happened 4 years ago and Aubrey narrated my thoughts as I sat in English. She seems to do this every time I read about her, and it's lovely. It's enchanting how a character can invade your mind so wonderfully.

Aubrey's story is one that will stick with me for a very, very long time. The way she coped with death really brought back to me how I've coped with death and how many people I know have done so. It's heartbreaking to read through her moments of panic when she realises that her Dad and sister should be there with her. And the character development of Aubrey from the lost girl who had been abandoned to the girl with a life and a friend (Bridget) was so, so interesting. 

This comes across as such a rambling review... I know, I know, but I find it very difficult to describe to you how brilliant this book is. Read it. Just read it.

Holly x

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